Elon Musk

Bachelor of science in Economics, University of pennsylvania

Bernard Arnault, CEO LVMH

He graduated from the Ecole polytechnique, france's leading engineering school in 1971

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO

He studied Psychology, computer science in Harvard University. Later, dropped out of college.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Studied electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University

Larry Ellison, Co- Founder, CTO and Chairman of Oracle

College drop - out of university of illinois. He also attended university of chicago for one term

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

Joined Harvard university as a pre- law major, studied mathematics. 2 years, he dropped out of the institute.

Warren Buffet, CEO , Berkshire Hathaway

Bsc in Business Administration from Nebraska univ, Msc in Economics from Columbia university

Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO

He graduated magna cum laude with a BA in applied mathematics and economics