Tulsi  farming  is an incredibly economic adventure. It's estimated that a successful tulsi  planter can earn up to three lakhs in just 90 days!

Imagine a small  planter in a  pastoral  vill,  floundering to make ends meet. Their traditional crops weren't bringing in enough income to support their family

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a sacred factory that holds immense significance in Indian culture and traditions.

What's Tulsi?

Tulsi  farming  isn't only a economic adventure, but it also offers  multitudinous benefits to  growers and the  terrain

Growing tulsi can be a  satisfying and profitable  bid, but it requires some knowledge and  ways to achieve high yields.

Marketing Your Tulsi Crop Strategies for Success

Marketing your tulsi crop effectively is  pivotal for maximizing your  gains and  icing success in your tulsi  farming  adventure