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10 Recruitment Trends changing the way to hire

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Recruitment trends change the way

Recruitment Trends

The recruitment trends have undergone some major changes in recent years. New technology and future hiring practice without doubt play a hand, and as we enter the new decade this disruption is showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s look at how innovation and social expertise will be shaped in 2021 and beyond.

10 Recruitment Trends that will change your way

1. Natural Language Processing

The biggest trend of 2021 is the application of recruitment Artificial Intelligence (AI) to source, appraise, and screen staff. The power of the tools of natural language processing (NLP) is to make a significant change at every step.

2. Predictive analytics

Recommender systems and predictive analytics will begin to play recommendation systems. Also, forecast analysis will begin to play a major role in the recruitment process of many companies.

This is taken one step further with the forecast analysis and recommendation systems that provide recruiters with additional insights. These systems can create a select list of candidates who are most suitable for the job in the offer larger role in the recruiting processes of many companies and also uncover candidates that are partially seeking new opportunities.

3. Remote work

Flexible schedules and policies for working from home are becoming one of the benefits job seekers are looking for, and companies need to adapt to the work aspirations of their employees.

That’s why we see more and more fully distant companies. By allowing people to work remotely, companies enhance their skills because now they can allow global talent without the disadvantages of geographical locations.

4. Work culture

Culture is the base that holds a company together. However, the increase in distance work makes it more challenging to create and maintain a solid organizational culture. Therefore, companies will be more focused on mobilizing employees around their core values, the work of the company, and the overall outlook.

5. Acqui-hires

People are one of the most desirable assets in any company. Employees often represent the bulk of a company’s value, even if they are not shown on the balance sheet. That is why we are likely to see increasing acquisitions in the market.

6. Social media recruiting

When recruits reach the extra mile, logically according to where their potential candidates are actually going, most of them are already on social media. With increased mobile usage and contacts on the go, recruiters are increasingly catching the attention of users on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

7. Diversity

It has been proven many times that different groups perform better, so more and more HR departments, staffing agencies, and recruitment companies will have employees who are specifically dedicated to enhancing diversity in the companies they work for.

8. Employer branding

People want to work in companies they can be proud of. So, the most important thing for an employer is to create their employer brand and clarify the vision and mission of the company.

According to CareerArc’s study, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying, so it’s important to build content around the employee experience.

9. Soft skills

According to LinkedIn, 89% of bad workers generally do not have soft skills such as innovation, stability, teamwork, cooperation, adaptation, and time management. But finding such abilities has traditionally been a challenge, which is why recruiters look to update their assessment processes as demand increases.

10. Hiring quality

Technology can be used to evaluate new candidates, but it can also be used gradually to measure the performance of the recruitment team. Although it is easy to calculate the cost and rental time, it is a bit difficult to estimate the quality.

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