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A complete guide to Google Blogger

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How to start Google blogger

When you first start blogging, one of the most common questions you will have is, “How do I make money by writing about something I enjoy?” Blogging is a lucrative career, and Google Blogger allows you to create blogs for free and earn money from a variety of sources. Learn how to monetize Google Blogger.

Yes, you can find answers to questions about how to make money as a blogger for beginners. So, what exactly is Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is a straightforward, free Google tool that allows you to benefit from a low-cost blogging process.

How Can I Manage Blogs on Blogger

You can control who can edit and read your blog. You can also change the look and feel of your blog. Google offers not only Chrome, but also Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. To see if your browsers have been updated.

Google blogger, Is it free?

What could be better than Google Blogger’s ability to generate revenue? It’s odd that the software is free and that limited to an internet connection and a computer system for your investment.

When your career progresses, you can choose to take advantage of premium memberships with additional options, but this is entirely optional and is not required to start a blog.


Google Blogger is a unique blog platform that provides a creative environment for every versatile leader.

Work without much effort: Unlike other platforms, such as WordPress, blogs created on Google Blogger This allows you to work on the platform without fear of the web host going down and your blog becoming inactive.

Create your own blog: It is critical to submit a blog, and the bounce rate demonstrates this. Yes, today, any blog or website will be able to grow only if it provides the best responses to user inquiries and a good user experience.With the appearance of your blog, this has an effect on your revenues. Blogger, unlike WordPress, has limited templates but is appropriate for a beginner who wants to earn money by blogging because a ready-to-use blog template can be easily downloaded, the platform does not limit your productivity once more.

Guaranteed security

 If you don’t know what an SSL certificate is, you can deduce it by typing HTTPS:// before the domain name in the search bar. This ensures that you can access the website or website safely. Those who do not use encryption risk having a malicious person spam their blogs.

Understand Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a web-based content management system (CMS) that allows the creation of informal, blogged online discussion forums. For a free domain, you can register or purchase a custom domain. Users can also customize their blog by using a variety of templates, a flexible layout, and hundreds of background images. To use Blogger, users must first create a Google account. You can change your account name, which appears in the format [LoremIpsum] Users can also create multiple blogs under a single account.

Despite its decline in popularity in the United States, Google Blogger has a large international user base and is popular in Indonesia, India, and Brazil. The service is available in more than 60 different languages. Blogger visited approximately 78.74 million people in April 2020.


The database’s content is hosted on Google’s Cloud Spanner, which was launched in 2017. Other Google services such as Google AdSense and Google Analytics linked to Blogger. Users can use Google AdSense to automatically display the appropriate target ads on their Google Blogger website, allowing them to earn money.

Users must first create an AdSense account before linking ads to their blogs. Because not all blogs are advertising-eligible, interested users double-check the eligibility checklist. Blogger has its own audience analysis tools to assist users in determining the audience they are interested in and from. Users can also directly link their blog to Google Analytics for more detailed information.

The blogger’s features are managed by users via the program’s dashboard. The dashboard displays blog activity, Google News, and program upgrades. Users can manage a specific blog by clicking on its title and editing it.

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