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Are paper plates manufacturing good business to start?

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Paper Plate Making Business

Paper Plates making Business

Paper plates are an alternative to steel, glass, and ceramic materials, which are often used in our daily lives. These paper sheets are not basically used in the first place but they are used as an alternative or for a specific application. In India, paper plates are gaining more importance due to their high use. If you are planning to start a paperboard business, this is the perfect time to start your own business. The industry is growing fast in India and the profit margin on plate production is also very high.

Use of Paper Plates (Business Opportunity)

Paper sheets are basically used in two categories. The first type belongs to domestic use and the second type to commercial use. The first type of application is used for domestic purposes, weddings, events, functions, tourism, and travel purpose. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about weddings. It is very convenient, light, and affordable.

Requirements for opening a paper Plate manufacturing plant

You do not need much to open a paper plate manufacturing business as you need some of the basic requirements mentioned below.

Land: Yes you need a piece of land to set up your production plant. The land should be in a place with basic amenities so you don’t have to bother much. Land size is not a big issue as 100 square feet of land will also work.

Water: Water is an important part of the paper plate manufacturing business because in doing so one needs a constant supply of water. This is also seen as a disadvantage as the water demand here is huge.

Electricity: Electricity is as essential as water. You need proper electricity to run your paper machine with a water pump and other electronics. The power supply should be at a constant and proper constant voltage so that your engine will work well.

Raw Material: It is better to get the raw materials directly in the form of papers or rolls of paper. Because paper production requires a lot of resources, money, and time. You can get a lot of paper from local scrap shops, which can sell those papers at a very low price per kilo. One quintal or 1000 kg of paper can easily carry 5000 to 7000.

Manufacturing machine: A manufacturing machines vary in price. The most common variation comes in the number of generations of paper plates per hour. Some machines produce 1000-2000 pieces per hour, some produce 4000-7000 pieces per hour. Also the design, quality, and type of machines will vary. A normal machine will cost you Rs.75,000 to Rs.500,000.

Labor: If you are involved in production you may need at least two people with you. It doesn’t cost much but you have to give them proper training in the early days.

Feasibility Analysis of Paper Plates Manufacturing Plan

The need for resources

The basic requirement for opening a production center is a good amount of land. It must be built as needed. You can open this in your home with only one machine. The second requirement is business-related registration, taxation, required permits, etc. The third essential point is a correct connection between water supply and power.

Investment required

Most people open their plants on their own land or house instead of buying a separate piece of land because it is too expensive. It will take at least a few lakh rupees to build that space. Other than that your basic investment will be in the machine. It will cost around Rs 75,000 to Rs 500,000.

Return on investment:

Your profit depends on your investment first. Your return may not be good the first time if you have a good investment, but you may be comfortable with the return if your investment is low. In addition to production, income in this business depends on the market. You need to have the right network to deliver your product.

This network should be extended so that you can get different prices for your product. Your purpose is to deliver products directly to the user. Shopkeepers in cities are demanding more expensive quality paper sheets. You can sell your product to them so you can get better returns. The cost of transportation will be extra but you can manage it if you get a good price.

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