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Barcode registration

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Barcode registration

Barcode registration

Barcode registration is necessary. But barcode registration is not mandatory (your barcodes will work without registration), however, registration is a great way to link your barcode to your product and company on the Internet. By barcode registration, barcode numbers may reconnect with the company they own with their barcode number


Encryption of your product: Procedures for obtaining the BAR code and its applicability in commercial homes

Barcoding is a series of parallel vertical lines (bars and spaces) that can be read by bar code scanners. When scanned by a bar code scanner, the black bars and spaces may decode to reveal a long sequence of specific 12 or 13 digit numbers.

Why use the barcode

Obtaining a BAR code is not mandatory for all types of commercial homes, but having a bar code on the product offers owners more benefits than not having additional codes.

1. Barcode is now mandatory to contract with pharmaceuticals, trade with supermarkets, supply goods and services to military canteens. It helps to part of product cards worldwide, as price tags, on cartons, even on credit card bills.

2. For manufacturers who want to sell their products internationally, the bar code will enable their products to be widely accepted in other countries.

3. The bar code is unique and universal and can be recognized anywhere in the world. Barcoding is an international concept today.

4. Also, most retail stores today use a barcode system, and many will implement a barcode system in the future.

5. The bar code creates quality in the minds of the customers and the standards and norms the company uses globally for its product.

How do businesses use barcodes?

Barcodes are used to render a unique code, often parallel lines and a number, which can be read by the scanner to spread all the information of the product from the database. Commercial homes use barcodes for:

Inventory Database – Large department stores with thousands of products manage their inventory through the barcode system. All phases of the product cycle are tracked by code from production to sales.

Asset Tracking – All businesses today own a large portion of ID assets, so the barcode system may use to encode and track assets within the asset software.

Tracking Returns – The barcode system can use for return tracking, especially in the world of online shopping. Barcodes can also attach to the invoice to make it easier to track payments from customers.

Advantages of Barcode

1. Bar code is unique and universal and can be recognized anywhere in the world because barcoding is an international concept today.

2. It facilitates unique product identification using an international identification/numbering system, promotes brand image, and helps capture product information in a timely and accurate manner.

3. It will result in wider benefits including reduction of freight costs, overall supply chain costs and costs for Indian goods, increased efficiency of Indian industry, and adherence to strict quality assurance regulations through product tracking.

Validity of barcode

He wants to apply at the discretion of the applicant as the bar codes are valid. It could be 1, 2, 5, or 10 years. And the concerned officer charge fee depending on the no. of years of bar code used.


Now, this is the era in which every person wants to be a supplier of globally accepted products. Licenses must be taken. Bar code is one of them and the need of the hour, which helps the products to be accepted internationally.

If the bar code is on the license list of the manufacturer/seller, no person can trade and make a profit until global buyers accept his products and win the trust of international buyers.


Is barcode mandatory in India?

Barcode is now mandatory to contract with pharmaceuticals, trade with supermarkets, and supply goods and services to military canteens.

Is it possible to create barcodes in Word?

The word no longer has a built-in barcode tool. However, you can create barcodes using two field codes, Display Barcode and Merge Barcode.

Should my barcode be black and white?

Although black bars on a white background are a very good combination, your barcode does not have to be black and white. The selected color should appear in black under red light, so blue and green are possible options.

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