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Best and Free Photo Editor Online for Startups for Social Media banner

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The best and free photo editing apps for business

Free Photo Editor Online

Through practical and recrafting, we have found that adding images when sharing on social media increases engagement on the board – more clicks, reshares, replies, and favorites. In one experiment, retweets for updates with pictures only doubled compared to those without. Here, we create all the images for our blog posts and social media sharing without any external design assistance. We depend on a few free photo editor online tools and resources to get the job done. I will be happy to share with you what we use and what is helpful or interesting.

Here are the best and free Photo Editor Online for startups


Basically, the most used photo editor tool we use here is Canva, which makes it very easy to create an image (especially for non-designers) with their pre-made templates, custom image sizes for each social media channel, interface, smart fonts, and more. In Canva, every original image is shared from our social accounts.


Our portable screenshot tool, Sketch pops up with a quick keyboard shortcut (CMD + Shift + 5 on Max), then you can click and drag the area you want to snip. We return to this photo editor tool with awesome and easy annotation features. You can circle things, point things out, blur things, and add text in a few quick clicks. A product of Evernote, Sketch lets you save and store all screen graphs in the Evernote folder of your choice.


We use a lot for our internal image sharing. CloudApp lets you store pictures online and share them quickly and easily. Their new Mac app – free download – comes with more advanced features like screen craps and GIF creation. Once you open the app, press Cmd + Shift + 6 to create a GIF video of whatever you do on your screen.


The presentation software may not come to mind at first to create the image, but there are plenty of amateur designers who benefit greatly from creating images through templates and tools shot in PowerPoint.’s interactive layout allows you to embed maps, photos, and more. You can start with an already built template (and then customize yourself) or you can actually just go to the bones and create the whole chart. comes with lots of drag and drop icons, shapes, and objects in your editor.


To create nice images for your page, blog, app, or service, Placeit offers some sleek integration with your web address and their photo and video. Select the background from the Placeit library and upload a screenshot or grab a placeholder to insert your site into the image.

Social Image Resizer Tool

Some different sizes and rates work best on different social networks. Twitter photos are best in a 2: 1 ratio. Facebook wants images to be very square. Pinterest and Google+ prefer vertical images.

This can deploy with a tool such as a Social Image Resizer. Upload the image you like, then large drop-down options, and select the image from where you want to use it. You can move and resize the selected area to get the optimal look for your image.

We use a lot of great images here in our blog posts and social media. We can benefit from a tool like

Select a file and upload it to, and the tool will compress the image to the most optimal file size. These optimized images will load faster on the page and upload faster when shared on social media.


Quotes from our most shared content suggestions and the most popular social updates. Quotes can be taken to the next level by creating images from them.

In the recitation, enter your quote in the editor on the homepage and select a setting from the long list of templates.


Enter Page2Images, an easy tool for making a full-screen image of a webpage and making it easy to download or add to Pinterest. There are a couple of bookmarks you can set up by clicking and dragging links in your bookmarks bar – one adds a bookmarklet directly to Pinterest and the other captures an image to download the page.


Image galleries are big business for Instagram, and they have found their way to Twitter and Facebook as well. Collage tools are built into the latter two social networks. If you need a little more control over the way your photos are handled, a tool like Photovisi will do wonders.

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