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Burger king franchise cost in india

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burger king

Burger king franchise cost in india

Burger King is a name that is now widely known in India. Its humble beginnings began on the 23rd of March 1953, in Florida, USA, the Burger King Franchise is now the second largest chain in the USA. It offers not just delicious burgers but also offers exceptional customer service and assistance. It is an American food chain that boasts a massive customer base throughout the globe and is highly popular in the global food industry.

Variety of Products: The classic “Whopper” burger is among the most sought-after products at any Burger King establishment. In addition to a variety of burgers, the chain also offers a variety of fries, sandwiches, shakes, shakes, and Ice creams that are well-loved by all. Breakfast is also offered in the restaurant chain.

Do you have any ideas? The initial name for Burger King was Insta-Burger King however, later, when two franchises purchased the company from Miami It was renamed Burger King.

How to Open a Burger King Franchise in India?

Burger King wants to grow its global business. It’s always looking for multi-unit owners with partners. The franchise is open to any person with an extensive experience in the restaurant industry and a dedication to providing an excellent customer experience.

Burger King has approximately 200 restaurants across India. It’s a favorite not just in cities with major populations like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore but also smaller towns like Chandigarh, Patiala, and Jaipur.

Advantages to opening a Burger King franchise

There are many benefits for opening the doors of a Burger King franchise. In the event of concerns or questions the franchise owner is able to get assistance from their Burger King company.

To start a Burger King franchise in India there are some steps. It is also essential to be aware of the cost of the Burger King franchise costs in India. However, first, you must consider that when franchising Burger King offers three choices:

  1. Individual contracts
  2. Entity contract
  3. A agreement with the company

Things to Ensure Before Owning a Burger King Franchise

The following points must be considered prior to purchasing an Burger King Franchise

  1. Minimum capitalization

To be able to open the Burger King Franchise You must have the net worth of greater than Rs2.25 crores.

It is important to realize that opening a well-known restaurant franchise is a major financial investment.

Real estate and construction costs should be considered, in addition to the cost of signage and equipment licensing and permits uniforms, insurance, and licenses.

  1. Find out the state of the marketplace.

It is important to verify the availability of markets of Burger King Franchises before you begin the application for franchising to determine whether there are any open areas in your area.

  1. Check out your past skills and skills.

You must carefully review your prior business experiences before making a decision to pursue the possibility of a Burger King Franchise.

  1. Send your application with care.

The application will be evaluated through the Burger King Franchise team. Burger King Franchise team and you’ll be considered as a franchisee if your background and financial checks have been completed. Only those who meet the requirements of franchisees will be accepted.

It will be sent an email of receipt, along with the contact details of the franchise’s owner, after the online form has been approved.

Once you’ve been cleared and approved, you’re able to begin the process of setting up the Burger King franchise.

Application Procedure for Owning a Burger King Franchise

There are several procedures that must be completed in order to own the Burger King Franchise. The steps include:

  1. To apply to become a Burger King franchisee, go to the official website of the restaurant.
  2. To apply for a Burger King franchise, an applicant must first go to the website and fill out one application.
  3. The support team of the company examines the applications of the prospective investor.
  4. The company will call the applicant to allow them to complete the application, if the application is accepted.

Requirements Before Opening a Burger King India Franchise

  • The franchisee is required to participate in a training program for corporate employees to understand the fast-food industry as well as business. This will assist them to understand the business of operating a burger outlet.
  • The third requirement is about the restaurant’s area of. There are three types of places where a person is able to start a business. The three categories are as follows:
  1. Institutional spaces, such as airports, bus stations, metro stations, train stations, stadiums and building areas for the government.
  2. Commercial spaces, such as retail malls.
  3. Other non-traditional businesses, for example, grocery stores and gas stations.
  • Another requirement is that the franchisee is required to use the site exclusively to operate the Burger King restaurant. The restaurant is only allowed to operate during the hours stipulated by the agreement for franchise.

All You Need to Know About the Training Program

  • You must pass the training program of your franchisor prior to opening the Burger King franchise.
  • They will let you know about the schedule of training and duration. Training will be held in various establishments which have been designated as training establishments.
  • Managers and owners will receive additional training to aid them in the execution of current procedures and processes to facilitate expansion.
  • The Burger King franchisor also provides managers seminars and workshops every week and includes management classes and training in operational techniques to offer higher-quality food to its customers.
  • Burger King’s franchisor can assist in the process of opening the restaurant prior to its opening. They’re always ready to assist.

How Much Does a Burger King Franchise Cost In Indian Rupees

The cost for starting the franchise will depend on the location it is situated. But, you’ll need an enormous amount of capital for the start of this franchise company. Burger King is unquestionably one of the most expensive businesses to run. It is well-known that having a franchise is rewarding however it can also be costly. However, you can rest sure you’ll be able to trust that Burger King franchisees will provide you with the most effective assistance. You’re less likely to be a victim of loss because the restaurant chain is a well-known name.

The Burger King franchise could be more expensive than the estimated Rs20 crore. It can cost anywhere from Rs20 to 40 crores, depending on the area of the franchise. The full explanation is presented below using an estimate figures:

Different Costs Amount
Working Capital ₹14,89,510 to ₹67,02,795
Franchise Fee ₹11,17,132.50 to ₹37,23,775
Insurance Fee ₹5,95,804 to ₹1861887.50
Business License and other legal papers ₹4,46,853 to ₹22,34,265.00
2-Story Interior Playground ₹1,82,46,497.50
Space and Occupancy Charge ₹67,02,795 to ₹6,33,04,175
Billing and Control Desk ₹26,06,642.50 to ₹44,68,530
Development and Construction ₹18,61,887.50 to ₹7,07,51,725
Interior Design and Architecture ₹7,44,755 to ₹33,51,397.50
Area/Zone expenses ₹74,475.50 to ₹18,61,887.50
Equipment ₹63,00,627.30 to ₹2,19,40,482.30
Pre- opening wages ₹20,85,314.00 to ₹45,43,005.50
Decor Package ₹65,53,844

The expense will also cover the other costs associated with miscellaneous expenses like operating system, salary for employees and other expenses.

Ongoing Expenses

Once you have started your company, there are ongoing costs that are required as well as when running the business.

Advertisement Cost-

It is estimated that there will be a cost of 4% of the Total Gross Sales for advertising of Burger King Franchise Store. Burger King Franchise Store for getting people to know regarding the Burger King Store.

Royalty –

The royalty due is around 4.5 percent of the annual gross sale.

Training –

If you are opening a brand fresh Burger King franchise, you have to hire new employees as Burger King is a well-known brand with high quality standards which your employees have to adhere to. In order to meet the high standards high-quality training is provided to employees. It typically costs about Rs1.86 Lakhs. The training course is held at the headquarters of the Burger King Franchise in India which is located in Mumbai.

Tax –

There is no need to pay taxes if you start an unimportant franchise. However, you will have to be liable for taxes if have a huge franchise such as Burger King. The tax rate is different based upon where you live and the Burger King franchisee pays an average of 18 percent tax to the Indian government.

Building Improvement and Maintenance –

This is an cost that is optional. There is the option of not having to pay for this. However, as we’re discussing Burger King franchise costs in India It’s worth noting. It is recommended to budget between Rs35000-R55000 approximately for improvements to your building and maintenance (although costs may differ based on the area of the franchise).

How much can you earn with the purchase of a Burger King franchise in India?

Burger King locations sell products that range from Rs20,000 to the equivalent of Rs30,000 per day. In the month, if you expect sales of around Rs30,000 per day, an annual turnover of around $6,000 will be made. Therefore, it could be calculated that you could earn the estimated amount of about Rs4-5 lakh per month, after taking into account the expenses.


Being a part of a Burger King franchise can be extremely lucrative. But, you must satisfy the fundamental requirements that are listed in the previous paragraphs. Additionally it is essential to be aware regarding the cost of a Burger King Franchise and the process to complete the application for the Burger King franchise. We hope this article will provide you useful information regarding how to apply for the Burger King Franchise in India and how much the Burger King Franchise Cost in India.

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