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Best Business Ideas In Pune

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Business Ideas Pune

Business In Pune

Pune is a city with a bright future for new businesses. A rising upper-middle class, growing per capita income and growing industries make it a lucrative place to start a new business. And you don’t need to queue up in front of investors; Businesses in this city can give high returns with low investment.

The best business ideas in Pune

Street Food Joints

Street food joints are doing huge business in Pune now. If you have a decent shop or business area, you can start this business as it is low risk. The rise of the student crowd here means you have a great customer base.

Vehicle Renting

It is one of the most profitable business ideas. If you have a vehicle or money, start taxi management and collaborate with popular taxi management like Uber or Ola.

Property Dealing and Real Estate

If you know the properties that are coming up around you and want to start your own company with less capital and bigger returns, you can try the real estate organisation. Also, Pune is growing. Likewise, demand for moderately priced land and new properties is also increasing.

Recruitment Agency Business

The Indian population may unemployed in a significant portion. Additionally, many companies are not interested in hiring. Therefore, you can step in as a big support to the currently unemployed youth by offering outsourcing job opportunities from foreign companies who are interested in outsourcing services from India. They are well paid and they target the working-age population in India. So you can run a recruitment agency to provide Indian employees to these companies.

Website and App making business

Every business needs an official website these days. This is an extraordinary method to improve your visibility in a competitive market. If you specialize in software and website development, take that as your main business goal. The demand for company websites and custom software for company growth is high. This is an auspicious time to engage in such business.

Training/Coaching Institutes

A business coaching institute runs like water, keeping in mind the number of students in Pune. Yes, you read that right- just like water- soft and breaks both profits. Students need guidance for their board exams and some need to prepare for college entrances like JEE, NEET, CLAT, CAT, SLAT, AILET, etc. Some students also look for institutes to learn soft skills and foreign languages.

Old Books Business

Buying and selling secondhand book business has become an extraordinary success in Pune. Pune’s prime locations like FC Road, MG Road, and Station Area are full of such shops.

Suppose you are contacting the students of Pune University and offering different types of textbooks, novels, biographies, etc., at a very low cost compared to the mainstream book market. In that case, you will quickly build a large consumer base.

Gold/Foreign Exchange Units

Pune has a large foreign population. It also faces a constant influx of tourists. This emphasizes the need to establish foreign exchange units. Another thing about Pune is that it has a lot of retired people. This age group needs lockers to keep gold or invest gold or convert gold into cash that will help in their old age.

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