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Divorce Papers and Documents Needed for Divorce in India

Given that India records over 1.3 million divorces annually, it’s crucial to have all the necessary paperwork on hand before filing for divorce.

What is Divorce Papers?

Divorce in India is a legal procedure that calls for the filing of certain paperwork with the court as well as divorce papers. These records include a divorce petition, divorce decree, and mutual consent divorce decree.

Below is a list of all the documents you will need in order to file for divorce in India: 

  • Petition for Divorce: A divorce petition must first be submitted to the court by the petitioner. The names and addresses of all parties involved, as well as precise information about the reasons for the divorce, must be included in this document.
  • Decree of Divorce:A divorce decree is often issued by the court following the filing of the petition. With the signing of this paper, the marriage will be formally dissolved, and each party will get their legal rights and benefits.
  • Mutual Consent Decree: Occasionally, it could be challenging to reach a consensus on every aspect of a divorce. In this situation, the parties may agree to a mutual consent decree (sometimes known as a “interim agreement”) to settle any unresolved issues surrounding their divorce.
  • Copies of Documents Filed:Copies of any documents submitted to the court should be forwarded to the opposing party as well. The petition for dissolution of marriage and all pleadings submitted by either party are included in these documents.
  • Invoke Service:Once you’ve taken all the required actions, it’s time to serve the opposite party with the petition, which is also known as an order to show cause. Simply put, this letter asks them to explain why they shouldn’t be held in contempt of court and held accountable for failing to respond to your petition within 30 days after service, which is typically 30 days following the date of service. You may utilise legal action (such as a summons or subpoena) against this person if they don’t react within this time range.

The Importance of Credibility Throughout the Process

It’s crucial to have as much confidence in your case as possible if you’re thinking of filing for divorce in India. Your documentation’s credibility is crucial to a successful outcome. Ensure that you obtain the necessary paperwork and have a qualified authority certify it. Keep duplicates of all legal documents at all times in case the process is complicated.

The Important Divorce Papers You Need for Your Divorce

There are a few considerations to make and crucial divorce documents need if you are divorcing in India.

Here are the documents you will need: 

  • an affidavit of marriage or a marriage certificate. This document should include the wedding date, the names of the bride and groom, and both parties’ signatures.
  • a request for divorce. The local court in your area should receive this paper. The names of your spouse, any children from the marriage, and the date of your wedding should all be mentioned. The petitioner (you) must additionally detail the grounds for your divorce in the divorce paperwork.
  • a divorce judgement. The court should issue this document after reviewing your petition and determining that there is sufficient evidence to support your request for divorce. The decree will specify the duration of your divorce, who will have custody of any children, and the terms of any financial agreements.

The Cost Involved in a Divorce Papers Procedure in India

In India, getting a divorce may be a drawn-out, pricey, and challenging process. For divorce papers to be granted in India, numerous separate documents are required, and getting these paperwork might be expensive. A marriage certificate, proof of address, and an affidavit of dissolution of marriage are some of the crucial records needed for a mutual divorce to be granted in India.

The parties to the divorce must typically each submit a separate petition with the relevant court, and they will probably need to retain legal counsel to guide them through the procedure. It is frequently difficult to get divorce documents without cash, and the whole cost of a regular divorce in India can be very high.


The marriage certificate and the affidavit of non-cooperation are just a few of the documents needed for a divorce in India.
A copy of the couple’s passports as well as a marriage certificate, an affidavit of dissolution of marriage, and other papers are needed.

Additionally, you might need court documents like an appearance notice and an affidavit of service of process. Similar documentation must be gathered if you are applying for divorce outside of India, however it can be simpler to locate copies of these records in the nation where your divorce will be filed. Additionally, you will need to present evidence of your domicile in the nation in which your divorce will be filed.


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