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Divorce process in bangalore

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There is no simple way for partners to end their marriage, and mutual consent divorces can be difficult to complete. However, there are ways to make that happen if you want a mutually agreed divorce in Bangalore.

What Is a Mutual Divorce?

Mutual consent divorce, also known as a unilateral divorce or a no-fault divorce, is a kind of divorce when the couples mutually agree to end their marriage without using the legal system.

  • In Bangalore, you and your spouse must concur on all of the following in order to obtain a mutual divorce:
  • At least six months must have passed for both of you to reside in Bangalore before applying for divorce;
  • At least six months must have passed between you two before you filed for divorce;
  • At least six months must have passed for both of you to reside physically in Bangalore before applying for divorce;
  • Both of you must have consented to live apart until further notice; and
  • You and your partner must have signed a decree of separation by mutual consent outlining its contents.

What Are the Benefits of a Mutual Divorce in Bangalore?

When both spouses concur to the divorce conditions, it is referred to as a mutual consent divorce. This form of divorce can be completed without going to court and is quicker and easier than a contested divorce.

There are several benefits to getting a mutual consent divorce in Bangalore:

  1. A divorce by mutual consent is less expensive than one that is litigated.
  2. It can be finished rather fast; typically, it takes around six months.
  3. A consensual divorce does not require court involvement.
  4. Any settlement agreement or shared custody arrangement need not be carried out.
  5. As stipulated in the marriage contract, both spouses continue to have their respective duties and rights.
  6. A divorce that both parties agree to help strengthen your bond with your ex-spouse.

If you are considering getting a mutual divorce in Bangalore, here are some tips that may help: 

  1. Before making any decisions, carefully go over your options with your partner. Even while you may not want to divorce if your partner agrees to it, you still don’t want to put them in a forced or uncomfortable situation.
  2. To avoid being emotionally bullied into approving a divorce, make sure you and your spouse are both aware of the state of your marriage.
  3. Let your ex-spouse know what you need and how you want them to act. If they consent to it, be ready for intense feelings and initial communication problems; however, they will ultimately change their minds.
  4. Don’t consent to a divorce until you have a plan in place for how the couple will divide their assets in the event that the divorce is finalised. To assist you in coming to a fair agreement with both spouses, consider a mediator or attorney.
  5. Be prepared for your partner to object; try not to allow this get to you and instead concentrate on the bigger picture.

What Are the Steps to Start a Mutual  Divorce in Bangalore?

There are a few procedures you must follow in Bangalore if you want to get a mutual divorce.

You must first hire a qualified attorney to guide you through the procedure. The second step is to gather all the necessary documentation and proof. Finally, you and your husband must agree on the conditions of your divorce.You can obtain a mutual consent divorce in Bangalore if you adhere to these procedures.

Requirements for Mutual  Divorce in India

When both partners consent to the separation, it is referred to as a mutual consent divorce. For a mutual divorce to be granted, a number of conditions must be satisfied. The requirements differ according to the Indian state. They typically state that both partners have consented to the divorce, that they have been living apart for at least six months, and that they have been unable to resolve their issues.

Reasons Why People Give a Mutual Divorce

There are many reasons why people might give a mutual divorce. Here are four common reasons:

1)The couple wants to divorce since they are unhappy together.

2) One partner wants to quit the relationship because they are unable or unwilling to marry.

3) The marriage has experienced physical or emotional violence, and one or both partners wish to divorce in order to protect themselves.

4) One spouse has made the decision to end their marriage and wants the other to support their choice

What Should You Do With Your Assets During a Mutual  Divorce?

There are still some things you need to do with your assets even if mutual consent divorces are easier and quicker than contested divorces.

Make sure your agreement specifies what will happen to your children’s assets if you and your spouse have children. It’s typically simpler to get the paperwork signed and filed if you and the other party agree on an arrangement.

Consult a lawyer if you’re unsure of what to do or if there is any discord about the parameters of a mutual consent divorce.


The stress of a disputed divorce can be avoided with mutual consent divorces, which might be a terrific option. Both parties agree to end their relationship amicably, without the necessity for legal action.


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