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Earn Money through Google Blogging

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How to make money from Google Blogging

How to start blogging?

Getting started blogging can be a seeming difficult, particularly if you do not have much technical knowledge.

You have two main options for actually setting up a blog. You can use a free blogging platform otherwise you can create your own website.

  1. Free blogging platforms

A lot of platforms will allow you to make a blog for free. They are too easy to use.

But, free blogging platforms are very limited. Your blog will have a storage limit which would make it harder to upload large videos and images.

Best Blogging Sites

  • WordPress
  • Blogger 
  • Medium
  • Create your own website

With your own website, you will be able to create unique personal branding with your own URL, and there is no risk of the platform deleting your blog. You will possess the site and have complete control.

How to increase your blog traffic?

These are the best steps to increase more readers to your blog.

Promote your blog on Social Media

As with any business nowadays, you are likely to get noticed if you have Social Media Networks.

We recommend setting up accounts for your blog page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and also LinkedIn. Design these accounts in a similar color theme to your blog so your brand is consistent and easily recognized by your readers.

Connect with other bloggers

Make yourself known to people who blog about similar topics. Many bloggers have a link page on their site that they use to link their friends within the community in exchange for a link to their own blog. This will help greatly with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how likely your blog is to rank in Google searches.

Respond to news stories on your blog

If something happens in the news that is related to your niche, get involved. This is what we refer to as newsjacking and can work a treat for getting you to have some great exposure.

You can get on social media to say your bit with related hashtags, get involved in discussions, and reach out to journalists to say you are available for comment.

Create viral content

Creating viral content will reach a new market and increase your readership.

This might be easier than done, but the key to creating viral content is to tap into controversial or highly-discussed topics related to your niche blogging field – as you can imagine, this involves newsjacking often, as mentioned above.

How to make money from blogging?

These are the common ways to make money from Google bogging.

Use affiliate marketing on your blog

Affiliate marketing works by adding verified affiliate links to your blog. You can make a little commission whenever a reader clicks through to a site.

The links will lead readers to the website, and the money you receive is to say thanks for sending some of your readers to their site.

Almost all online eCommerce websites have an affiliate program of sorting, like Amazon, Topshop, ASOS, and Apple.

Add banner adverts to your website

Adverts can be placed anywhere, but they are ordinarily found across the top of blog pages or in the sidebar.

You can earn income in two ways.

  • CPC (cost per click) – you’ll get a set payment for every reader who clicks the ad.
  • CPM (cost per thousand) – you’ll negotiate a set payment for every thousand impressions the ad gets.

A quick way to start is by creating an account with Google AdSense.

Write advertorials and sponsored content

According to the bloggers, one of the best ways of monetizing a blog is through offering sponsored content opportunities. These are essentially adverts in the form of a paid-for blog post.

This monetization method usually works best when you have enough niche audiences. Once you have grown your readership, brands will approach you to discuss sponsored posts.

The Charge for sponsored social media posts

If you have a strong social media base, you will be very attractive to brands. Few people make their entire blogging income through sponsored posts. You can charge per post, the fees can be surprisingly high.

You will just have to work hard on building your followers first – brands see your social proof as evidence that readers will like what you post about them, too.

Work with an agency to build your blogging

Blogging has become very popular in the advertising world that there are now agencies that ultimately served to promote bloggers to big brands.

Working with an agency can be rewarding and it offers you security, but you will need to have an acceptable following to be scooped up in the first place.

Agency fees are also surprisingly high, which means only bigger brands will be able to work with you, and smaller independent ones will get off.

Sell your blog’s newsletter space

It is also an option to charge a brand for advertising space or to mention it in your weekly or monthly newsletter. It will take a limited time to do, and you could get a fair amount.

You will need to build up an affordable size mailing list for brands to consider this.

Get employers attention as a blogger

Using your blog to advertize your own business is another way to make more cash with your blog.

You can also use your blog as a sort of online profile and can build your credibility, show your skills and definitely get a good job out of it.

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