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Free Accounting Software for Startups in India

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Best offline accounting software

Accounting Software

Firstly, As the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India has accelerated, there are thousands of start-ups in every state of the country, providing the requirements for the tools to complete their operations and the power to operate better and more efficiently. With the various barriers for an entrepreneur doing small business, also one major problem they have overcome is suffering from fixed overhead costs. Moreover, Here is a short and comprehensive list of free accounting software that allows business owners and financial experts to manage a small business book for free through their computers.

Selecting an Accounting Software: Agree on Priorities

Before finalizing the accounting software, one should know their requirements i.e. their accounting needs. If they are low, also one can go with free accounting software or the free version of the premium software. As the business grows, one can get paid versions with the best options needed in operations.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of options to choose from, but the names are popular and used by various start-ups and it strikes the mind when thinking about accounting software for start-ups in 2021 such as Fresh Books, Zoho, Invoice, and Xerox, QuickBooks Online. Besides a lot of pricing features for budget tiers, these are all great options for one to choose from depending on preferences. Hence, A quick circuit of this software and the value it can add to your operations:


Firstly, Tally is one of the renowned brands, has introduced the latest version of Tally.ERP 9, where the market leader in accounting software for medium and small businesses performs various functions. Therefore, The software can take care of accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, and payroll for a company.

A Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the product is user-friendly because it is specifically designed for accounting purposes with legal changes related to GST.

After that to minimize the chance of rejection, the software should automatically detect any errors in the GST filing and make the necessary corrections. An important part of the performance of the services provided is to make sure as with the in-built correction abilities that make the GST filing error-free and fast.


  • Journal & Ledger
  • Debit & credit notes
  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • P&L
  • Cash flow, and more


Acloud accounting software designed for small businesses, also profit books help one to create an invoice, track expenses and manage inventory, save time and manage funds effectively.

The easy process one can get with this software is that they get a lot of time to focus on the key solutions they offer. The users, after generating purchase orders, can easily email them to their vendors and should be GST-ready because profit books can help allocate inventory to the right warehouse.


  • Tracking receivables
  • Managing online payments
  • Get detailed tax reports
  • Track inventory lifecycle
  • Providing unlimited customers& vendors


Further, the user-friendly software, Zoho Books is designed to send professional invoices to customers for SMEs and ensures that one gets the payment online effectively. Today, businesses make extensive use of technology to know every detail of their costs and ensure they can work efficiently and easily bill their customers.

In addition, Zoho Books enables its users to monitor and categorize expenses in real-time with better control over a company’s cash flow. After that, they can link Zoho Books software to their bank account and receive updates on their cash flow. In every transaction, Zoho books will always be at the user’s disposal.


  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Payment notifications
  • Online collaboration with clients
  • Time tracking
  • API
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice tracking
  • Reconciliation


For instance, a public technology company based in New Zealand is building its global presence around the world, making it one of the best accounting software of 2020; Xerox has also developed Xerox Accounting.

The software offers three different plans based on a business trip. In the early stages of the business with limited functionality, provides planning for the brand, as the business continues, the growing project becomes an operational asset, for businesses who have made their mark in the industry and, finally, a program established to help brands covering a long journey over their business.


  • Payment integration
  • Asset management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Income tax solution
  • Projects
  • Project management
  • Purchase orders


Lastly, the most important part of ensuring performance when starting a startup is focusing on the key services provided and ensuring that the financial position of the brand remains intact as it involves a long journey as this excellent accounting software provides various brands with successful guidance for startups in 2020 and the support they need to ensure that their every transaction with GST is well managed. Now it is up to the business owners to choose one of the above based on their needs and after taking the demo.

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