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How to apply for a Liquor Shop License in Delhi?

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How to get a Liquor Shop License in Delhi?

Liquor Shop License

In a state like Delhi where alcohol is always in high demand, on the other hand, it helps the Delhi government to generate a large portion of the revenue. Firstly, On 29 March 2021, the Delhi Cabinet announced a new excise policy for liquor shop licenses. The minimum age for drinking should be amended by lowering it from 25 to 21 years.

Types of Liquor available in the market

There are two types of wine on the market: –

IMFL – This refers to foreign liquor made in India, this type of liquor is among the strongest liquors made in India.

IFL – This liquor is not of Indian origin, is made outside India, and then imported to India, which is generally more expensive compared to IMFL.

Type of licenses for liquor shop in Delhi

License L1

This type of license is required by the applicant who owns the production unit to sell liquor in bulk to the company or partnership.

License L3

The role of this license is different from the others, the state government. Tender to issue this license. However, It is supplied to working bottle mills with the approval of the Central or State Government.

License L6

This type of license may require for foreign liquor and beer retail. Moreover, The applicant must take the responsibility of the government to issue such a license. Namely DTTDC, DSIDC, DSCSC, and also DCCWS.

License L9

This type of license may also refer to L-52D, and the licensee must comply with the terms and conditions issued by the state authority for the retail sale of foreign liquor to obtain this license.

License L10

This license is similar to the L9, which allows a user to retail overseas and Indian liquor, but does not apply to the Terms and Conditions or L9L10, so a user must apply differently to the liquor license.

License P10

These types of licenses are temporary, allowing the licensee to serve liquor at parties, conferences, and ceremonies within a state.

License P13

This type of license may require to serve liquor at specific ceremonies held at hotels in and outside the state. To obtain this type of license the licensee must follow the terms and conditions laid down by the state authority.

License L15 and L16

The Department of Tourism licensed these licenses to serve alcohol in hotels, and hotel management must comply with the laws issued by the authorities to obtain this type of license.

License L17 and L18

Hotel management staff often use these types of licenses to serve liquor in hotels, with only appropriate parking facilities such as commercial premises (offices, premises). According to state authority.

License L28

Club license holders may require to obtain a license to serve liquor only in clubs. They must follow the terms and conditions with the state authority.

License L29

This type of license is for the supply of liquor to the Government of Delhi. Authorities and the government. Employees, the application procedure for L29 is similar to L28.

The license fee for a liquor shop  in Delhi

Eligible licensees can apply for an L10 license for their proposed store. The following fees and security deposit are payable: –

  • The annual fee for an L10 license is Rs. 8,00,000 / – to pay by the licensee in support of the Deputy Commissioner.
  • The security deposit for L10 is Rs. 10,00,000 / – which the licensee has to pay in favor of the Deputy Commissioner.
  • The security premium will refund to the licensed insurer within 30 days from the date of termination of the license.
  • From the date of issuance of the license, if the applicant fails to complete the procedures or does not find physical possession of the store. 8 lakh as license fee.

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