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How to get an ISBN number in India

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How to register for ISBN number

What is an ISBN?

ISBN is an abbreviation for International Standard Book Number, a unique 13-digit numerical code use to identify commercial books. Earlier, It is used to have 10 digits till December 2006. However, After 1 January 2007, this may raise to 13. This may allot behind calculation with a secret mathematical formula. In addition, they contain a ‘check digit to validate the number.

The structure of an ISBN

Firstly, Each ISBN consists of 5 essential components and spaces separate each section (below the barcode) or hyphens (above the barcode). Below are 5 components of the ISBN code:

  • Prefix element – It is starting with 978 or 979. This is the prefix element.
  • Registration Team Element – This section refers to a specific country, state, or region from the International ISBN Organization. It can be from 1 to 5 digits.
  • Registration element – This element identifies the publisher. It can be up to 7 digits long.
  • Publishing element – This section refers to the specific version and format of the topic. It can be up to 6 digits.
  • Check the number – this is the ending area, which is the last single digit of this code. This mathematically confirms the remainder of the ISBN. It may calculate with the “Mode 10” system with 1 and 3 alternating weights.

ISBN registration process

  • Upload the required documents and information to our website.
  • Contact our Business Advisor on how to obtain this number.
  • Our professional will verify the validity of the documents and information provided.
  • In addition, Upon successful submission of this application, your application will send for clarification.
  • Send an appropriate reply to the explanation for the objection to this number.
  • In satisfactory response, it will assign.

Documents required for ISBN registration

Proof of identity: The identity of the author of the book or research article must be recorded. Moreover, This may include PAN, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, etc. The content of the entire book for this registration must register.

How to get an ISBN for a self-publishing book

Firstly, ISBN is an international standard book number. Thirteen digits are used as unique identifiers for books, such as a book edition, a particular book, and any other book-like product. This international standard book number can be used to study the language, code digits, edition, publisher, book title, and also format of the book. In addition, the International Standard Book Number is used internationally and requires a brief number for every version of the book.

Who can apply for ISBN?

We know that with the increasing demand for online shopping, e-libraries and also e-books are creating more competition among booksellers and publishers, making their books available on every side of the market. Importantly, The concept of e-book has increased the range of authors to make their books available worldwide.

Questions about ISBN Registration – FAQ

International Standard Book Number, this for short, may a unique thirteen-digit number assign to each book. Also, tapes, CDs, and pre-release e-books, which record details such as language, publisher details and source. However, Displayed in ISBN barcode format and acts as a license plate, guaranteeing the unique identity of each book and other related products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs an ISBN?

Book publishers, booksellers, and libraries for ordering, inventory, and also stock management use an ISBN code. However, It distinguishes publishers and helps them identify specific editions of a particular topic in a particular format.

Where can I get an ISBN?

Moreover, ISBNs may assign to publishers in the country where their headquarters are located. It is regardless of the target market for the publishing language or book.

Which products can ISBN not be assigned to?

The following non-text products are not eligible:

  • Series, Periodicals, Magazines, and Journals.
  • Record books
  • Audio / Video VCD, DVD, and other media
  • Computer games
  • Computer application

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