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How To Scale Your Online Business With Flipkart

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How To Scale Your Online Business With Flipkart Warehouse

Increase your Online Business With Flipkart

If you join Flipkart as a seller and spend most of your day now, you will have seen a significant growth in your overall sales. But in online business, the sky is the limit. If you are wondering how to increase your sales on, here are our top 10 tips:

Product Listing Ads

To achieve more sales, you need to drive more traffic to your products. Also, The more clicks your products get, the more likely they are to sell. Product listing ads are the easiest way to get more clicks for your products on Here’s how it works:

  • You choose a product and create an ad campaign for it
  • Flipkart displays these products as ‘Exclusive Products’ on the relevant pages of its website
  • A buyer sees your ad while browsing the products he wants to buy and clicks on your product

Participate in spike sales

You will get tremendous opportunities to grow your business through our exciting shopping events also known as Spike Sales. During spike sales, we offer amazing deals on almost all categories. It attracts maximum number of buyers and drives huge traffic to our website and mobile app. Not only can you increase your sales with less effort, but you can reach more buyers at the same time. Participating in spike sales can help you achieve greater buyer satisfaction and become a buyer’s preferred seller. From additional logistics personnel to TV commercials and advertisements on online platforms—we ensure that you get the highest number of buyers during the sale.

Good packaging

The look and feel of your product has a huge impact on the buyer’s experience when it is presented to the customer. Packing products with good packaging materials reduces the chances of damage in transit. But more than that, it reflects quality service and increases buyers’ trust in you and your brand, which can increase your sales. We’ve observed that 52% of buyers make repeat purchases from sellers that offer premium packaging, and 5% of buyers expect their online orders to come in premium packaging. 30% higher sales profit by investing in packaging.

Better cataloging

Your listing represents your product on the e-commerce website and plays an important role in influencing buyers. Having a well-designed catalog with a crisp description of your products is crucial to converting your product traffic into sales. Remember, most people shop online to save time and your product description should attract them without spending too much time understanding your product. Another important aspect of listing that can help you increase your sales is listing your product in the right category and sub-category. This will help buyers find your products easily and contribute to traffic.

Stick to the rules

Flipkart’s selling policies and business practices are designed to increase buyers’ trust in Flipkart sellers like you and get better ratings and reviews. Buyers buy more from sellers with good ratings and reviews. Also, Observing all of our sales policies and not engaging in unethical business practices such as selling counterfeit products and shipping empty boxes to the buyer will win you many happy Flipkart customers.

Stock up your inventory

Inventory is an important part of any retail business, and e-commerce is no different. You should always have enough inventory and variety of your products to fulfill orders quickly and do more business. Stocking up will keep you ready for a shopping spree at any time.

Deliver on time

If you want to increase your sales, you must always meet the buyer’s expectations — be it the quality of the product or the time it takes to deliver it. Keep the products ready for delivery and mark them as RTD (Ready to Ship). Let our logistics partners help you deliver your products as quickly as possible. Timely fulfillment of return or exchange request is very important to get good customer ratings and reviews.


On a digital platform, images where the buyer can get the closest to the look and feel of the actual product are an essential component of online sales. Images of your product should be high resolution and every detail visible. Then, What looks good sells more, so make sure product images are well photographed to create buyer interest.

Become a Flipkart Advantage seller

Flipkart Advantage service has many advantages. With this service you have access to our best-in-class fulfillment centers. All you have to do is store your products with us and we’ll take care of the rest—from packing your products to handling return requests. Flipkart Advantage also offers you storage space, quality testing of your products by experts, fast delivery and more. This will mean maximum sales, minimum returns and better buyer experience.

Keep customer delight a priority

To increase your sales and become a successful seller on Flipkart, you should always work to spread excitement to your customers. A commitment to serving your customers to the best of your ability is key to meeting their high expectations.

As a salesperson, you sometimes need to step into your customers’ shoes to understand their concerns and resolve them quickly. Acknowledging feedback and working to provide them with better service will give them more reasons to smile.

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