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How to start a food business in India

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How to commence a food business

Food business

Human-driven fuel around the world. For obvious reasons, the food business cannot leave the business. India is a country with rich cultures and traditions and that cultural heritage spreads to a wide variety of cuisines, treating taste buds to any corner of any country you visit. With a highly competitive market environment, FDI-supported restaurants across the country, multiple outlets, this would be too much for any business owner starting a food business in India. However, through this article, we will provide you with a checklist of products to get you started on the right track to establishing one of the best restaurants in your city or across the country.

Food businesses can be of many different types and this is not just a restaurant type organization, it creates a food business. There are several categories for interested business owners to start food products. Let’s look at some of these categories.

As a food business owner (FBO) whether you are in the food business or not, these companies must follow specific guidelines and compliance requirements to streamline day-to-day operations. Adherence to these rules and compliance is not limited to legal authorities, which ensures a sense of security and safety regarding the food and beverages served to customers. This helps the company’s reputation and recommends loyal customers expanding your food business to their friends to spread the food business and football.

Starting a Food Business in India: A Complete Checklist

Responsibility for providing safe food and enforcing hygienic preparation practices will become an essential part of any food business. To this end, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued guidelines and compliance for safe practices. Apart from this, there are other taxation and also security-related licenses.

Let’s look at compliance requirements for the Food business

FSSAI License

Before starting a food business in India, every FBO must register their business with an FSSAI license. FSSAI, as its name implies, is responsible for maintaining the safety and quality of food products produced by companies. However, FSS (Food Safety and Standards) Act, 2006. As we mentioned earlier, it is advisable to obtain an FSSAI license before embarking on any business activities related to food and beverages.

3 types based on FSSAI license.

  • Central FSSAI License – The Central FSSAI License applies to importers, head offices operating in multiple states, and certain other businesses.
  • State License – State license applicable to retailers, distributors, retailers, and others with a turnover of over 12 lakh rupees
  • Registration- Registration Form A is for small food businesses or small food businesses for Rs. With an income of fewer than 12 lakhs

Health Trade License

The application for this license must submit to the local municipal office. Moreover, The rules of the municipality may vary depending on which state they are in. These applications can be submitted online and expedite the process.

Shop and Establishment Registration

According to the store and company law for the particular state, all FBOs must obtain this record to start their business as a trading market.

GST registration

VAT and service tax levy ended on July 1, 2017, with the introduction of GST. Every new business needs to get GST registration to start business activities for tax purposes. Low-income businesses can also get the package plan to get rid of complicated revenue concessions and rules under the GST regime, however, there are several downsides to this plan as well.

Liquor/ Bar License

If your food business offers alcohol, look for the appropriate bar and liquor license. The government provides a checklist of documents that must be submitted to obtain a proper license for all luxury goods, such as alcohol.

Fire Department NOC

The Fire Services Act or related building laws It is advisable to obtain a NOC (Certificate of Objection) from the Chief Fire Officer. Also, The FBO must fill out a questionnaire related to fire safety rules and regulations.

The government has also provided a list of documents for the fire safety certificate. Before that, These documents are as follows

Information about the building mentioned in the structural by-laws with 2 building plans.

  • Properly filled questionnaire
  • Model of the building
  • Checklist with a certificate from the Chief Architect
  • Therefore, FBO has a comprehensive list of documents and compliances to follow to start a food business in India.

Lastly, At Fssai Food License, we help you take the first steps in the food and beverage industry by enabling you to obtain all types of FSSAI licenses / FSSAI registrations.

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