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How to start a travel agency in India

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How to start a travel business

Travel Agency

Do you want to know how to start a travel agency in India?

It was the best decision I ever made in my life to startup a successful travel agency. This post will help you start your own travel company with 13+ proven policies. These are secretly proven policies that no one in tourism will tell you.

Trust me by using these strategies in your business you will always be ahead of your competitor.

How to Start a Travel Agency in India

  • Determine the name of your company. Ensure to give a different name of your travel agency that is not common or identical to any other company. Register the name immediately on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Register a Brand Name for your agency.
  • Book your travel company domain name immediately after registering your company name. This will build your company’s online presence and it will help if you want to start an online travel company in India.
  • Register your company names as a Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or whichever One Person Company (OPC). Entrepreneurs and those who plan to offer their services online need a private limited company. 
  • Provide a GST registration of your agency.
  • Register with a bank account in your agency name.
  • Determine the place you want your agency and get a laptop, phone, and clear wifi connection.
  • Determine your product in which you want a business, for example, Visa, forex, domestic packages, international packages, MICE, or bookings of Air tickets, and Hotels.
  • You require a Global Distribution System (GDS) to purchase air tickets. You can start with GTS in India (DPO) or join them directly when traveling agent plans with the airline.
  • For hotel booking straightly join with hotels and ask their B2B rates with other companies like OYO as a travel agent.
  • Start advertising holiday packages for couples and family vacations and approach colleges and medicals for group packages.
  • Start advertising your travel agencies on a portal like just dial and through social media like YouTube, Facebook ads.
  • The tourism market is very competitive so keep moving profit according to the trends
  • Register for International Air Transport Association that this is an important one.

Future Trends in a Tourism

Firstly, the travel and tourism business is one of the quickest and profitable growths in India. It is one of the primary businesses for the economy and growth of India.

Moreover, by 2029, this Travel sector is expected to grow Rs.35 Trillion with accounting for 9.2 % of the entire economy. It is said to provide ten times more employment opportunities in India.

Future of Tourism after COVID-19

The coronavirus results in the biggest impact on the transport industry.

First, this pandemic affected this travel agency very much. Similarly, It is too bad for MMT, OYO, and other top players in the travel industry, which dominated the market, to make a comeback.

As this year will remain non-profitable for the industry and if COVID-19 ends then at least for 6 months industry will grow very slowly.

While this is the best time to know if you want to set up a travel agency in India. Because many of your competitors left this travel industry, this is the best time to create ideas and strategies and aim great. And also, this is not the end of the travel and tourism business, trust us travel industry is going to give a greater impact back than any other sector in India.

Current issues in a Travel agency

The tourism industry is becoming more competitive due to the online travel company which offers high discounts.

Also, Covid-19 has destroyed the travel company.

Hence, tourism will continue to grow at a very slow rate even after the completion of COVID-19.

Many small mushrooms, such as adult-grown travel agents, have made the market unreliable. Some travel agents that do not fulfill the promises made to customers are tarnishing the market reputation.

The biggest reason many tourism businesses struggle and fail is that they follow the traditional business model. Small agencies need to follow technology and automation to survive in this competitive industry.

In this internet world, people manage their small trips on their own as hotel booking, flight tickets, trains, and bus tickets made with just one click.

Online Travel Agency Business in India

Starting your online travel company business in India will be more profitable and needs no investment.

You can set up your online business just by an easy website and join with host agency portals like the travel triangle.

A single owner can start a travel agency and does not more employees and a huge office structure.

While being the most earnable business you have to have a war with established companies in your niche such as Make My Trip. So start your travel agency, do your best.

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