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How to Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise Business

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How to Start Domino's Pizza Franchise Business

Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise

If you want to start a franchise in India, you can franchise Domino’s pizza. It is one of the most acclaimed franchises to establish a food company in this country. After entering the Indian market in the mid-80s, the opening of Domino’s Pizza franchises. Also, It was very profitable as Domino’s number in India crossed 1400.

Scope for Domino’s pizza outlet

Pizza, first invented in Naples, Italy, as an affordable, tasty, fast food, has attracted many people in India. It is the most loved food in India. Whether it’s a family gathering, a friend’s party, a casual day, or any occasion, pizza always tops the list of favorite foods for people of all ages. Opening a Domino’s can be very profitable as you can earn a substantial profit. Due to the location of your Domino’s Pizza store. If ensuring door-to-door delivery services, a minimum of Rs. 1-3 lakhs per month profit margin.

Types of Domino’s Franchises in India

There are three types of franchise formats in India, and they are: 

Traditional Stores

A Domino’s Pizza outlet shall considered a traditional outlet located in a building. That provides ample parking space for customers and delivery drivers. Then, Traditional outlets include large buildings or even shopping malls. Such traditional stores sell authorized products only through delivery or takeout services.

Non-Traditional Stores

Non-conventional shops are located in non-conventional buildings. Apart from shopping malls, also these outlets can be in airports, stadiums, office buildings, and toll plazas. It mainly offers takeaway services, but some of these non-traditional outlets offer dine-in facilities.

The Transitional Stores

Outlets, where the number of customers is less than other outlets, may considered intermediate outlets. These outlets have a slightly different menu as their menu is customized according to the location of the outlets and the regional taste of the people living in that area.

Steps for Getting a Domino’s Franchise in India

1: First, to unlock a Domino’s franchise, an investor must fill out an application form and wait for a response from the company.

2: Once the candidate’s application is approved, they will receive the documents from the company and will be asked to wait for the phone interview.

3: If the phone interview goes well, the said candidate advances to the next stage, and the company’s Franchise Development Manager arranges a meeting with the candidate to discuss the details of the franchise development.

4: After the meeting, financial data and other necessary instructions may provided to the potential owner to take further essential steps.

5: The next step involves owner training and orientation, where they may taught the roles and responsibilities of running a Domino’s franchise well.

6: The last and final step is signing the franchise agreement. Once the above conditions may met, the company issues the contract to the individual, making them the owner of the franchise by signing it.


The name “Domino’s” itself is a huge brand name and enough to make people thrive on mouth-watering pizzas. Over the years, this company name and logo have undergone many changes, but the quality and taste have remained unchanged, and their services have never stopped delighting their customers. The doubt regarding the procedures of starting a Domino’s Franchise, Domino’s Franchise Cost, Requirements, and Possible Profit Margin in India cleared probably. So, carefully decide the type of store, location, and other essential information to start a Domino’s franchise in India.

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