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How to start your YouTube journey

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Start your YouTube Channel

If you stop creating your own YouTube channel, you feel that you have too many choices to make or you have the right skills to succeed and do not worry, come to the only resource you need to fulfill your video creator’s dreams.

Whether this is your first time, we have the best tips and the YouTube channel aims to educate you on your YouTube journey. If you plan to grow your channel, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on our notification bell so you do not miss any of our latest tips, tricks, tips, and news.

How to Start Your YouTube Channel

Here we are having the 10 best tips to be known while starting a YouTube channel. The 10 tips are as follows.

Start right now

Most surprisingly, some who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel may still have a few months, many years. My advice to you, whether you are ready or not, start now. I am not telling you this as a resolution. Every moment you hesitate or procrastinate, thousands of video creators launch their YouTube channel today and attract your potential audience.

Learn How YouTube Works

Chances are the first video you make is going to suck completely. Fantastic, you created a video. You made the first step, in six months’ time, you will look back at that first video and think yes, it’s terrible, but you have to start the journey somewhere. With it, you need to start your YouTube channel somewhere, even if you are not ready.

Develop a Strategy you Follow

While getting some practical experience behind you is clearly the best thing, you also need some form of strategy. So, answer these questions, you may get some ideas.

When you respond to what your channel wants to achieve on YouTube, try and respond from your viewer’s point of view rather than your own. So I do not want to hear about 10,000 subscribers, a million views, or anything. If your audience finds out that you are in it for your own benefit, they will see it and turn it off immediately.

Viewers need to know what they can get from the content, and you need to sell that as much as possible in your video content

Find your main location and create hell out from it

If you are familiar with our YouTube channel and live streams, you will know this by heart. Let me give a quick example. What is your channel about? If you respond like “My channel is about beauty, it’s about travel” and “It’s about walking”, it’s about many things.

Confirm Your Value Proposition

Once you have thought about and replied to all of these questions I would like you to wrap them all up in a tiny little gift called your value proposition. This is your elevator pitch. Tell your audience in six words who you are and why they want to see you.

Invest in the Right Audio Equipment

If you are just starting on YouTube and you are wondering what your first tech update should be, this is 100% audio, here’s why. Bad audio is more distracting than bad video, and everyone hates internal microphones. So, if you can, get a dedicated microphone for your camera, you can’t go wrong with the blue eddy if you record from the computer.

Create a Formula with Template Videos

Videos require structure, so when creating your next video, try to think of how you can create a show formula that you can use as a template for your future videos. Remember at the beginning of this video, I gave you a hook. An introduction, a teaser for what is going to happen to the rest of this video, is more useful.

Learn to attract Analytics

This indicates how attractive your captions are and how clicky your thumbnails are. Check the overall click-through rate for your channel and individual videos as you test. I am not going to give you the only goal to achieve. Check what your current click rate is, be it two, four, six, or eight percent

I need you to try and develop that by two to three percent this year. It will get in so many more views.

Verify Your YouTube Channel NOW

I would say it increases the value of your tracking time on the videos you have. It is by retaining a relative audience. Depending on whether people are still watching or not, how your video stack up to similar videos, and try and improve to retain the audience.

If your average viewing time is 60, 70, 80%, you are doing well, and it licenses you to try out longer videos.

Check your YouTube account. This will give you access to the most important tool on YouTube, the custom thumbnails.

Create an Engaging, Interesting Channel Banner

As SEO experts, we care more about how any content channel implements and acquires new eye views than the channel itself.

Optimization needs to be configured in your channel system so you can be successful. You can improve your channel overall, playlists, and personal uploads.

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