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ISO 9001 certification in Delhi

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ISO 9001 Certification in Delhi

We are one of the leading ISO certification bodies providing ISO 9001 certification services in Delhi.

We also provide lead auditor training in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, and ISO 22000. Internal Auditor Training in ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 in Delhi NCR. OSS Certification Pvt. Ltd. However, Is a Model Global (RABQSA) certified training provider certification body based in Delhi, India. Interested small companies and large companies can contact us for ISO certification or training classes in Delhi.

ISO 9001 certification services in Delhi

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. There are many benefits to your organization, such as minimizing mistakes, improving reporting and communications, and providing the best quality product and services, Every company needs ISO certification for companies to retain and establish its market, maintain its presence, comply with tender requirements, increase customer satisfaction, explore new frontiers, somehow it needs customer. 

Businesses in Delhi: Delhi’s main industries are information technology, telecommunications, hotels, media, banking, and also tourism. Delhi’s manufacturing industries have also expanded as many consumer goods factories have set up manufacturing units and offices in the region.

How to implement ISO Standard in the organization for ISO 9001 Certification in Delhi  

There are a few steps to implement the ISO standard requirements for certification in the company. The steps are as follows:

Interval analysis for ISO implementation in the organization

Interval analysis involves comparing the actual practice of the current business processes/activities in the organization with the requirements of the ISO standard. Once the gap analysis is complete. Identify what is required, which is not implemented or is not in practice in the company. Moreover, Take action and prepare the required procedure/form forms. Schedule training for the team involved in organizational activities. Upon completion of training. However, Involve the team in preparing the required procedures/work instructions/forms.

Establish your team

Assign responsibilities and responsibilities to team members for their respective departments. List all the processes in your organization. Identify how each process interacts with the other.


Prepare policies with high management commitments – Display policies in your organization in different fields using certain methods such as meeting requirements, continuous improvement, organization performance, posters, badges, company websites.


Prepare documents in a company such as quality policy manual, procedures, work instructions/form, records.


Prepare goals in line with organizational policy. Objectives must be consistent with the quality policy, measurable, compatible with requirements, improve compliance of products and services and also customer satisfaction, monitoring, communication, updated as appropriate


Train your team members on various topics such as policies, manuals, processes, procedures, work instruction, customer requirements, legal requirements, internal and external issues, expectations of interested and interested parties, equipment. Maintain documentation of training records

Internal Audits

Conduct internal audits at regular intervals to check the performance of the management system implemented in the organization. Internal Audit Planning Prepare an internal audit checklist for each process/activity of the organization. Internal Audit Team

Train the company’s internal staff on the requirements of ISO standards so that they can be competent to conduct internal audits.

Also, they can add value when conducting internal audits. When conducting an internal audit, make sure that the internal audit does not censor the same process/activities to ensure the discrepancy of interest. After conducting an internal audit. Prepare internal audit findings and update them to audit departments and executive representatives.

If there are any audit results such as compliance and opportunity for improvements. Ask the audit department to take action to close the NC and take action to get the opportunity for improvements. Completed audit findings, including remedial action, will be brought to the attention of management during the management review meeting for their review and feedback. Planned interval internal auditing allows a company to carry out its management.

Management Review Meeting                  

The purpose of a management review meeting is to review and evaluate the performance of an organization’s management system to determine its continued relevance and adequacy. The review should assess the opportunities for improvement and the need to change policies or goals.

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