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Most common problems faced by working mothers

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Most common issues faced by working mothers

Working mothers facing problems

For an age, the role of a mother is limited to the idea of ​​being a nurturer and a caregiver. Not only is she confined to a home domestic space. But she also has responsibilities such as caring for her family and raising a child. Regardless of her talents and want to shine in the public sphere. Also, she lived a quiet life playing the role assigned by the community. However, despite the changing times and all the prejudices they face in their daily lives, working mothers are beginning to conquer the professional world. They are thriving in many fields of work. In fact, although the number of working mothers has increased significantly in recent times, the problems faced by the same women have become a common problem.

Here are some common issues faced by working mothers

Strictly speaking, here are some common challenges faced by working mothers and some ways and means to overcome them.

Work-Inability to maintain life balance

For a mother, working full time can be very tiring and exhausting. In addition to dealing with their professional work, they have to do their homework and take care of their child. It severely affects their work-life balance and affects their emotional and mental health.

Continuing to fight with guilt

Mothers are really one of a kind. As an individual, they have dreams and aspirations. But according to social norms, like mothers, they must be the only foster parents in the family. This is why there is constant and unrelenting guilt in the conscience of all mothers, where if they choose their profession there rather than their home, they are put in question.

A rift between interest and duty

Dare to dream and be ambitious are two aspects of human nature. But considering a working mother must also meet the needs of her family.  There will always be a fundamental conflict between what she wants and what she wants to do.

Priorities are questioned

There is a big difference between how we see working men and working women. Although men always work in the public domain, their responsibility to their family is limited to the role of a waitress. Rather than the role of women as housekeepers. Therefore, as women enter the professional world, their sense of commitment to their families often gets into question. And must set their priorities right now.

Endless efforts for multitasking

Another common challenge faced by working women is the constant need for multitasking. Whether they work in the office or at home, they have to deal with their time between personal and professional life.

There is no time for ‘self’

Working women, while fulfilling the role of mother and professional, forget to invest for themselves at any time. They have no leisure time even though they are on leave. You have to choose this one or that. No time for himself.

Must be perfect at all times

Well, of course working women are the modern-day representation of a superwoman, however, they may not be perfect all the time. Social expectations and the need to be right at all times can sometimes have a huge impact on mothers, especially those who work.

Ways to overcome such challenges

  • Although it can be very difficult to get rid of the problems of being a working mother and a full-time mother, there is always a solution to deal with these situations in life. That being said, if you are a working mom and face similar challenges, here are some ways to overcome them with some extra effort.
  • Organize and plan your work for the day to manage your time effectively.
  • Make sure to cultivate a relationship where your partner or your husband acknowledges his role as a parent and makes the same effort that you make in caring for the family.
  • Maintain good relationships with your relatives and siblings so you can easily access them in times of emergency.
  • Make sure your colleagues and superiors know the importance of your child and your family so they understand your situation in times of emergency.
  • Most importantly, you need to understand the value of your own dreams and ambitions. Motherhood may be the most wonderful blessing known to the female race, but it is certainly not the end of your uniqueness.

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