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Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Indian Entrepreneurs

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2022

Inspiring Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Some of India’s young entrepreneurs have proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to knowledge and innovation. These entrepreneurs have reached the pinnacle of success with innovative ideas before they reach the age of 18. Desire, determination, creativity, and innovation helped them achieve their dreams and succeed in life.

Let’s go through the list of some of the top 10 youngest entrepreneurs in India in 2022.

Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta is one of India’s young entrepreneurs who achieved success before the age of 18. He is the founder of ‘Papers and Parcels’, an app-based digital courier company that offers one-day parcel services. He collaborated with Mumbai dabbawalas to ensure same day delivery of goods within Mumbai region at low cost.

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

It is almost impossible to believe that a 10-year-old child can develop gaming applications instead of playing games. The tech-savvy brothers co-founded a development unit ‘GoDimensions’ at their home at the age of 10. To date, the duo has created 11 gaming applications, 7 of which are available on the Apple Store, and the remaining 3 apps are available on Google’s Android Play store.

Aadithyan Rajesh

Adithyan Rajesh, another young entrepreneur from India, created his first mobile application at the age of 9. Before founding his company Trinet Solutions, he designed logos and website interfaces as a hobby. Gradually, he started coding and developing games and developed his first app ‘Aashirwat’, a web browser similar to Google Chrome. Using Android Studio the app downloaded and uploaded over the Aptoide marketplace.

Advait Thakur

Advait Thakur—CEO and founder of Apex Infosys India—is a computer programmer and teenage Internet entrepreneur who launched his first website at the age of 9. Apex Infosys India may primarily engaged in the field of AI, ML, and also IoT providing digital solutions. An exceptional leader and innovator, Advait has been ranked fourth in the ‘Wikia Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 List’ of 2017.

Akhilendra Sahu

Akhilendra Sahu, an Indian serial entrepreneur, and the author was announced as the ‘World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur’ and given the ‘Indian Young Achievers Award’ in 2019 by Entrepreneur Live Network. Then He is the CEO and founder of ASTNT Technologies, an IT company and the parent organization of several companies founded by him.

Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh is the world’s youngest CEO and Web Designer. And created his first website at the age of 6. Then Sreelakshmi started operating computers at the age of 3 with great talent and talent. He also designed his school’s website for it. He received the Youngest Web Designer Award.

Akshaya Ruparelia

Indian-origin entrepreneur and founder of the doorstep. Akshaya Ruparelia may considered to be the UK’s youngest billionaire. The online estate agency business was recently valued at £12m a year. Then The company became the UK’s 18th largest estate agency within its first 16 months of operation. Also His company operates by selling assets at a fraction of the cost charged by other large companies.

Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Aggarwal, CEO, and founder of OYO Rooms has a net worth of $612.1 million and is considered the second youngest billionaire in the world. Then He was named one of the world’s 8 hottest teenage start-up founders in 2013 by Business Insider and recognized as the world’s youngest CEO at the age of 17.

Farrhad Acidwalla

One of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs and founder of Rockstah Media and Cybernetiv Digital-Farrhad is currently working with leading international companies and influencers. As a teenage inspiration, when he was in 8th grade, he borrowed $10 from his parents and bought his first domain name.

Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

Ranveer Arora Allahbadia is currently one of the most popular Indian YouTubers, fitness trainers, and also social media influencers. Yoga, nutrition, career, financial advice, relationship advice, and many more topics.

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