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10 Passive Income Ideas In India


10 Passive Income Ideas In India

Dividend Stocks

Stocks that regularly distribute dividends to their share holders are known as dividend stocks. By investing in dividend stocks, investors can earn a passive income stream from their investments.

Rental Income

In India, rental imcome is a typical source of passive income. Investors that own rental properties can profut from the rent collected from tenants.

Dividend Mutual Funds

Mutual funds that invest in dividend- paying stocks are knownn as dividend mutual funds. Investors can benefit from the dividends paid by the underlying equities by purchasing dividend mutual funds, which provide a passive income stream.


payments provided to the owner of a piece of property, an asset, or an idea are known as royalties. For example, a book author can earn royalties on their book sales.

Index Funds

An example of an index fund is the BSE sensex or the NSE Nifty. Index funds are a form of mutual fund that follow certain market index.Investors who purchase index funds can benefit from the dividends that the underlying equities provide as a passive income source.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investement trusts are financial instruments that own and manage income-producing real estate asssets like hotels, office buildings, and retail centres.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate in affiliate marketing receives a commission for promoting the goods or services of an another business. people can generate passive earnings by using affiliate marketing to promote goods or services.

Online Courses

people frequently take online courses to obtain new knowledge and skills. Individuals can generate a passive income from the sale of online courses by creating and selling their own courses.

Youtube Videos

A popular platform for sharing video content is youtube. people can generate a passive income from ad revenue by producing and monetizing youtube videos.

E- Commerce

online purchasing and selling of products and services is known as e- commerce. Individuals can create a passive income stream from the sales of their goods by starting an online store.

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