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Psychological factors that are important to boost your sales

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Psychological factors to boost your sales

Boost your sales

All human beings share the same psychological and emotional stimuli – attraction toward pleasure and pain, entertainment, boredom and satisfaction, and dissatisfaction. The average consumer naturally weighs costs and benefits when shopping. Retailers can use psychological techniques to influence shoppers’ behavior and ultimately enhance changes and wholesale during the holidays and throughout the year. With these factors, you can boost your sales.

These are the psychological factors that will boost your sales 

1. Apply the principle of reciprocity

It is most basic is the principle of reciprocity: give to receive. Retailers have been using this psychological technique successfully for many years.  

It works from the grocery store that offers the samples, to the way the customer adds the flavored item in his cart to gift-buying ads. Customers who purchase free samples, trial-sized items, or gifts make significant returns and make other purchases as well as share positive feedback through social media.

2. Appeal to the senses

Consumers who want to go to a grocery store often want a complete shopping experience. Appeal to their passion to increase experience and increase sales. What we hear and smell has the power to greatly affect the mood. Shoppers expect to hear holiday music during the holidays and this kind of background audio enhances the mood and stimulates the spirit of the season.

Fragrances such as pine or the unique scent of hot cocoa also add to the mood. Scenes such as fire, false snow, and other seasonal decorations play an important role in creating an atmosphere for holiday shoppers.

3. Celebrate Novelty

Science tells us that when dopamine is released into the human brain, it triggers a happy response. This “feel-good” natural chemical is considered to be released when you get the reward of tasting your favorite food. However, it is now known that expecting a reward actually triggers a good feeling.

Waiting in line for concert tickets or being in the first scene of a new movie is all about anticipation before the event.

4. Installation rush

No one wants to feel like they missed out, even if it’s a big deal, or take ownership of the new “it” item. Retailers can promote early holiday shopping by creating a sense of urgency.

Limited launch materials, doorbusters, and special one-time store events now help sellers buy ways to increase sales.

5. Offer something Extra

Throughout the year, but especially during the holiday shopping season, consumers appreciate little extra things. Looking beyond gift-buying, this extra is about enhancing the shopping experience.

Give a shopkeeper a bottle of water or a cup of coffee while browsing. Provide adequate seating for companions near alternative rooms and create a child’s area with a workspace with an employee to oversee the coloring and craft activities while parents shop unhindered.

6. Establish a sense of community

Let your customers know that your store supports and respects the local community.

A toy vehicle during the holidays, providing wood or cardboard showers for military personnel serving abroad. Develop that sense of community throughout the year through customer appreciation events and loyalty programs.

7. Promote advertising

Like urgency, people need to be “thing” exclusively. Humans like to feel special, and uniqueness is important. With visual sales, it is easy to display an item and promote advertising.

Set the scene prominently to engage in foot traffic and include signs that clearly express the importance of the product. It can be an item that is only offered during the holidays, something that is only available in your store, or even an appreciation event for customers that can take hours.

8. Share social resource

Worldwide, 3 billion people are active on social media. When consumers want to know about a brand or new product, they can first look on social media before visiting the brand’s official website. Through social media people are constantly posting about what they like and dislike, providing a social resource for your store service and product desirability.

Keep track of those positive posts and share them in the store with digital views. Shoppers will pay attention to what other consumers think, especially if it is posted on social media.

9. Create Call and Comfort

When shopping online it is easy to wrap a comfortable blanket around the bed in a glass of wine or mug. Show your customers that they can have a quiet and comfortable store experience.

A clean, tidy shop is one of the most important factors in creating a quiet environment. The chaos is not quiet. Draw other psychological tricks, such as appealing to the senses, for a nice good environment where those who want to go shopping will be happy.

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