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Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership

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reliance petrol pump dealership

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership

Reliance operates the petroleum business under Reliance Petroleum Limited. It is one of the largest private sector companies in India. Then The headquarters of the company is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Currently, the company has more than 1300 retail outlets across the country. This fuel retail business delivers value to customers through a 100% automated network, then backed by state-of-the-art technology.

Here are the Steps to Start Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Business

In India, the fuel station or petrol pump business is so profitable. Apart from a good edge, it ensures a respectable social image and also prestige. If you have enough funds to invest, starting a petrol pump is a profitable option to make quick money.

Reliance Petrol Pump Product Portfolio

Fuel Products

  • Motor Spirit (Petrol)
  • High-Speed Diesel
  • Auto LPG

Relstar Lubricants

  • 2 Wheeler Oil
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Passenger Car Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Grease
  • Coolant


  • Transconnect
  • Mechanic Loyalty Program
  • Transhelp 24

Reliance Petrol Pump Quality Standards

Reliance provides the highest quality of service to its customers. Also, This includes

  • A pan India retail outlet network, centrally connected through retail automation software.
  • All our transactions at fuel stations are system authenticated and then recorded.
  • Automated billing for customers through Point of Sales (POS).
  • Periodic calibration and testing activities of all nodes and their test certification by legal metrology
  • Special, indestructible, highly secure locks to protect all tanks and also dispensing units.

Reliance Petrol Pump Service Standards

Process Standards

  • Round-the-clock product availability
  • Fast electronic billing for every transaction
  • Also Minimum waiting time for our high-speed dispensers
  • Automated system to ensure accurate quantity and quality

People Standards

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Friendly and courteous behavior
  • Well-groomed and clean attendants

Infrastructural Standards

  • Easy traffic movement
  • Clean washrooms
  • Free air service
  • Free drinking water

Is Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profitable?

Petrol pump is a traditional industry in our country. However, the overall success of a newly opened petrol pump depends on many aspects. Hence These are location, distance from the nearest petrol pump, behavior of staff, size of the fuel station, other facilities, etc.

Additionally, profitability depends on the brand value of the parent company. To be the preferred fuel retailer in the markets Reliance operates in, establishing a strong brand image that offers value to our customers.

Additionally, the company delivers value to our customers through a 100% automated network, backed by the best technology. So, you can conclude here that opening a Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership business is a profitable venture for Indian entrepreneurs.

Advantages of Opening a Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership

  • First, most service stations offer round-the-clock service and also product availability. Hence, maximum uptime ensures maximum profitability.
  • The company provides proper employee training for each dealer point.
  • At Reliance, you can provide customers with a state-of-the-art automated system also to ensure accurate quantity and assured quality products.
  • At the dealer point, you can offer a wide range of payment options and also fast electronic billing for every transaction, making it easy and hassle-free for its customers.
  • Every dealer outlet has free drinking water, free air service, and also clean toilets.
  • Finally, you can offer different types of products according to the needs of customers. Then, This list includes high-speed diesel, petrol, auto LPG and lubricants, etc.

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