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Start Affiliate Marketing in India – Beginner’s Guide

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Affiliate marketing

Have you often heard about making money online in affiliate marketing by referring people to make purchases on Flipkart, Amazon, and other e-commerce websites? In a competitive world do you wonder how people make a passive income?

This easy online money-making industry is referred to as affiliate marketing. However, before you start, you need to understand some basics.

 If you are an affiliate marketer or aiming to make your career in this field, consider investing in a comprehensive digital marketing training program. The landscape of online marketing is constantly evolving and staying updated with the latest strategies and techniques can significantly boost your success as an affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get money by recommending products or services to the audience. The process is as follows:

  • Select a product or service you may like to advertize
  • Receive a special link known as an affiliate link that will be used by the company to track how many clicks, conversions, sales were received through your link
  • Advertise the affiliate link encouraging people to buy the product or service
  • Receive a commission when someone purchases the product using your affiliate link

Growth of Affiliate Marketing in India

The concept marketing concept faced significant obstacles in its early stages, but, the development of humorous marketing strategy has been spectacular in recent years. According to a report, the industry is expected to grow from $ 96 million in 2016 to $ 835 million in 2025.

Statistics show that the vast majority of sales in many online retail stores occur with the help of marketing. Besides, the marketing system is growing as a promising industry in India due to its clear tariff policy with no hidden costs. The marketer does not need to make any investment. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

The steps mentioned below act as a beginner’s guide on how to start affiliate marketing in India:

Step 1: Identify the product category you are keen to promote

Visit Amazon, Flipkart, or any other marketing website. Scroll through the different categories and select the topic you are familiar with. It is specific that you select a specific topic. This is because writing for a particular audience will be easier and your efforts will be more targeted. This is also called establishing a ‘key location’.

Once you decided on a topic, take a look at the commission rates page to see what you will get when a product is sold. 

Step 2: Create a Website

Next, you want to create a website. Many guides will suggest ways and tips advertise your affiliate link. However, the most secure, effective, and efficient way by far to advertise an affiliate link is through your website. 

Your website acts as a foundation for your online business. This website does not want to have many tools, plugins, or features. It can be an easy, user-friendly website on which users can simply read the content. 

Step 3: Sign-up for an Affiliate Marketing

The most essential step in how to start affiliate marketing in India is choosing and signing up for the correct program. Do a quick search on the most famous affiliate marketing programs and select the one with higher commissions for your choices of the product brand.

Read through the payment terms, and reviews to make a good decision. Many websites will ask for your website address, bank details, and other personal information to start. Even if your website is completely blank, get a plan of action with the affiliate network on how you will advertise the products in the future and they will allow your registration request. 

Step 4: Select the product you are going to promote

Now you want to choose a product. If you already have a list of chosen products, just search for the product name in the search box. 

If you don’t have products selected, you want to start choosing products. In this case, you can visit the Amazon Bestsellers page to select the top-selling products in that category. 

When you advertise a product that already has high sales volume, it is very easier to get people to purchase it compared to a product that does not have high demand. 

Step 5: Create content

The last step is to create articles about the product you have chosen. These articles may be of different types. You can offer ‘how’ articles, tutorials, reviews, comparisons, discounts, or articles depending on your writing preference. This content should be distributed to increase traffic and thereby generate more sales.

Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

When you learn how to start affiliate marketing in India, you understand that affiliate planning is an important factor to keep in mind. There are hundreds of affiliate programs on the Internet for different types of products. The following are some of the most popular affiliate networks for beginners:

1. Reseller Club

 A reseller hosting company allows you to earn big commissions. All you want to do is promote one of the largest resellers pointed registrars recognized worldwide. 

2. Amazon India 

Amazon India is one of the leading affiliate marketing programs in Indian e-commerce. This platform provides high commission rates and high website conversion rates.

 3. Flipkart

Flipkart also provides high conversion rates. The commission rates vary for different product categories and are simply available on their affiliate marketing program page. 

 4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers high commission rates on hosting plans, domains, reseller plans, and also email accounts. 

5. VCommission

It provides multiple marketing objectives giving you a chance to get a commission through app installs, e-commerce sales, and lead generation.

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