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YouTube Channel

There is a Proverb picture that is worth a thousand words. When you consider that every second 5 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube by their own YouTube channel and there are typically 30 still images per second, it makes a lot of words.

One of the biggest benefits of social media is how it authorizes us to create and share video content. This represents an opportunity if business owners are willing to learn and adopt these new technologies.

In this article, you will look at how you set up your YouTube channel. It is a great way you can take benefit of social media for small businesses.

These are the 6 steps to start your YouTube channel:

  • Activate your channel
  • Pick your channel art
  • Customize your channel
  • Upload your first videos
  • Create a channel trailer
  • Publicize your new channel

What are things to recognize when setting up a YouTube channel?

Before starting a YouTube channel, first, take a look back and consider some of the choices you have along the way.

Who is the target audience of your YouTube channel?

Consider the target market you want to reach. Do users in your target market use video content? Are they on YouTube or using video content elsewhere?

You can select to use YouTube as a social network or simply use it to host your videos, which can be embedded within your website or used on other channels.

What video assets that you already have?

The best way to get started is to use existing video content to post or repurpose your YouTube channel. But creating your own will help you choose more about the themes and topics you use.

Creating a social media content strategy is a good idea, so you know where you are going before you set up your YouTube account.

What are the necessary skills and tools?

YouTube empowers you to create a video, simply require is a camera or a smartphone.

YouTube allows you to create a video in several ways all you really require is a smartphone or a webcam with a decent camera. We offer to invest in a good microphone and a tripod and ring light which is useful for live video.

In terms of skills, you have just launched on a learning journey for which your channel needs the most essential skills are patience, motivation, a good eye, and your smile.

How to start a YouTube channel for business?

Social media has delegated all of us to become marketers, advertisers, and even movie stars. This consists of small business owners who are willing to invest time and effort to learn how to get the most out of a video, social interaction, and data analysis.

Getting started with a YouTube channel is simple. So the steps are,

Activate your channel

Choose a business or other common name to create a YouTube brand account, which can be accepted by different people in your company. Enter your company or brand name as the channel name. Your channel is created now.

If you didn’t have a Google account to start, you will want to open a Google account first.

Pick your channel art

You provide a background image at the top of your page for your YouTube channel. This is known as your channel art. You can select any image, and you can modify it at any time.

As the image is big, you want to provide a high-resolution image and one which is in good condition with your brand identity and your logo. For the channel icon, we nominate using your logo. Modify it by levitating over the icon next to your account name and click Edit profile picture.

Customize your channel

You can enter a descriptive text for your channel and attach a location and a contact email. Additionally, attach links to your other social networks and your website. These links will be displayed on your channel art image.

You can also choose other YouTube channels that you could like users to see when they visit your channel. These are called Featured channels in the customization process.

Upload your first videos

Your channel is ready now. You want to plan on the content. Click the Create button at the top right to upload your first video. Once a file has been uploaded, you want to provide descriptive information for the video.

Pay strong attention to this part as these elements will decide its attractiveness, and also how it views video searches. The interface also lets you edit YouTube videos once uploaded.

In your videos, you can trim, blur, and add audio and end screens, once the videos are on your YouTube channel.

Create a channel trailer

When users view your channel, they will see a featured video in that. You can determine which video, or channel trailer, should appear first. It is a better idea to develop a new video, particularly for this purpose.

Create one which welcomes potential users to the channel and explains what they will find in the video. You can choose a different video for returning visitors who have been introduced to the channel now and will reply better to different content.

Publicize about your new channel

Some Social Media Management tools let you control your YouTube activity alongside your other social network activities. This means you can combine video posts into your broader content calendar.

YouTube channels don’t simply grow organically, as subscribing and liking videos is not as natural for users as on other social network sites. Therefore, it needs a determined effort to build a community there.

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