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Top 10 Cheap Indian Press Release Distribution Services

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Press Release Distribution Services

A press release distribution service is truly one of the best marketing tools offered by the PR industry. It allows you to send your news release to numerous online news outlets, business magazines, business magazines, journalists, media, bloggers, and target audiences. At a low cost, it will also help the brand gain recognition, build credibility in the market and reach a wider audience. In fact, large companies and small companies publish new newsletters weekly or monthly.

Top 10 Cheapest Indian Press Release Services

PRIndiaWire is the goofy, genuine news publishing company in India that does not mix SEO, affiliate architecture, and social media marketing with PR distribution. It does what any real newspaper publishing company or organization should do, that is, distribute your media report to media companies, journalists, online news sites.

Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out (Harrow) is a website that connects reporters and professionals. Reporters search for information on specific topics they ask for. Experts who are called sources on the website send answers if they are interested in a particular topic. Then, the journalist chooses a source of his choice. Evidence gets exposure with links to an original article that could be a website or a blog.


PRWeb is a press release distribution service that helps businesses improve their digital word-of-mouth marketing. It shares magazine releases or your story across thousands of blogs and websites across the Internet. This can give more exposure to web-based businesses and local businesses quicker advertising.


This is a live website with some options that you can use to publish press releases. When you visit the homepage, you can see different news releases of other Indian companies. Then, it gives you the option to create a free account or choose a payment plan.

Press release point

Press Release Point is another Indian press release distribution service that publishes press releases and covers the distribution service if you choose the appropriate option. Configuration can be confusing as there are many options and services in the menu. Also, there are many sections and navigation menus with press releases.

Brainpulse technologies

Brainpulse Technologies offers several digital marketing services to Indian customers. The press release distribution service they provide is one of the services they provide. While most of the other distribution services on this list focus entirely on press releases, this includes Privilege Technologies website hosting, content marketing services, web development, and more.


It is a distribution service for online and print publications. The user can choose both options for larger exposure. The site refers to the SEO benefits of press releases and contains guidelines that users can follow for best results. News releases are published on a variety of platforms such as digital newspapers, business bloggers, and online communities.

Newswire Online

This is an Indian press release website. The homepage and layout look like a news site with many types. You can send newsletters to anything related to business, sports, cinema, events, openings, and entertainment.


Another affordable India PR distribution company on our list is Conceptual. However, even though it is a digital marketing company, it also provides press releases and distribution services. Also, They can only distribute your text to the press release for just $125.

PR 24×7

PR 24×7 is another PR company in India that offers low-cost PR delivery services. With PR 24×7, businesses can reach Internet visitors through social media websites, blogs, news sites, and magazines.

Final words

Lastly, These are the cheapest press release distribution services in India. Every PR distribution company included in our list is the result of extensive research and research. We hope our list will help you make the right decision in choosing the best India PR delivery service to suit your budget. Also, The best option depends on your goals, features, target audience, and budget.

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