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Top 20 Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

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Online Doctor Consultation Apps

Doctor Consultation Apps

A doctor Consultation app is a software application that helps patients manage and schedule appointments with doctors or schedule a video call or opt for real-time chat.

An increasing number of patients are now looking for healthcare services that offer digital capabilities such as online communication, remote monitoring, e-medicines, virtual appointments, etc. These applications are important when choosing healthcare for any patient.

It provides greater flexibility, convenience, and transparency to both doctors and patients. Then There is less time wasted, effective planning, and better results for any meeting. And, during pandemics, it has been a blessing in disguise.

Top 20 Online Doctor Consultation Apps

Apollo 24*7

People know that Apollo Healthcare services are of the highest quality and enjoy high trust, and we can easily connect with Asia’s best healthcare network in just a few clicks. There are over a thousand doctors with over 80 different specialties. You can get video consultation anytime anywhere from Apollo Hospitals. Also, this service is available through voice mail.

HealthPlix SPOT

HealthPlix SPOT is a popular app for doctors that helps them practice online, improve patient outcomes and save time. It is a virtual clinic and this app allows you to write prescriptions in multiple languages. Also It has seamless integration with AI-based digital assistance.


MFine is a well-known, one-stop app for all your healthcare needs. Also It helps to consult any experts online through call, chat, or video call. It is an AI-powered healthcare platform that makes online doctor consultation an easy task. MFine has a wide network of doctors affiliated with good hospital chains. It is easily accessible and flexible, and also much liked by users. It provides secure and private information so there is no misuse.


Practo a popular doc booking app that offers online video consultation, booking doctor’s appointments after selecting the required specialist, getting digital prescriptions, etc. It provides all the information of doctors like experience, qualification, consultation fee, also timing etc. Suitable for those looking for specialist doctors for various ailments.


Booking appointments with doctors online is very easy with Sminq. Get last minute bookings with specialist doctors. Live status of your standby can be monitored remotely. You can get notifications as the order progresses. It is ideal for patients where time is a critical factor.


Lybrate is an online platform that seamlessly connects doctors and patients. It provides an effective way to interact with doctors at your own convenient time sitting at home. Then It helps doctors grow their professional network, build a better online reputation and provide better patient care.

Doctor On Demand

As a renowned telemedicine software, BigTime supports Doctor on Demand healthcare operations. Then Experienced doctors and administrators are available to assist patients. Booking an appointment and managing it is an important part of this app and it helps patients to easily access the doctor.


Amwell has been a good doctor consultation app that establishes a good connection with doctors. It is said to have helped lessen the waiting time of patients by about 70%. There are multiple facilities that are taken care of, including emergency care. Then There is an attractive technological solution that makes patients feel comfortable.


MDLive is a well-known doctor consultation app that enables you to arrange a virtual doctor visit with the flexibility to choose your medium, location, specialty, also payment method, etc. It is a simple and quick health care method. Digitization is making a huge contribution to the world.

MDLive has been a well-known doctor consultaion app that is competent to arrange a virtual doctor visit with the flexibility of choosing your media, location, specialty, mode of payment, etc. As a simplistic and fast mode of healthcare, it has been contributing big time to the world of digitization.


Talkspace provides access to licensed therapists and physicians through online media. You can schedule your schedule, choose from thousands of specialists, start treatment online, also access the website as a mobile app. It focuses on digital behavioral technology that looks at stress and anxiety phenomena holistically.

Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health helps provide the best personalized healthcare services at affordable prices. There is an entire medical team that provides support to patients as and when they need them. It is an online doctor’s portal with a good medicine dispensing app. It looks at different areas like birth control, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, also asthma, etc.


MyHealth is a popular healthcare portal that provides the facility to book appointments, medicines and also various tests. Patients can easily and flexibly communicate with the doctor of their choice. It also has a provision to inform the doctor about all the decision procedures.


Zocdoc provides valuable healthcare through top-rated primary care physicians. It has a very short waiting time and is one of the easiest and fastest ways to book and track appointments. Then It is in use by some top healthcare organizations. Its main feature is to find on-demand doctors at your convenience.


Teladoc has been an ideal virtual care app that offers the best technology to connect and trust. As a telehealthcare provider, it gives completely responsible assistance to patients by connecting them to the correct doctor. Also It offers good support to insurance organizations. It has been popular in the field of virtual medical care.


HotDoc ​​is a popular patient engagement platform that helps you find and book healthcare professionals of your choice. You can easily book appointments and check availability of doctors. Reminders will be created for upcoming appointments. It is also possible to observe the sequence. You can also create email notifications.


With Oladoc, patients can search for doctors based on their need, hospital, service, etc. They may choose a healthcare professional based on fee, also rating or experience. Booking an appointment is easy and can be done in minutes. For doctors, it is very easy to create patient records and view them from anywhere. They can manage their schedule smoothly.


As the name suggests, this doctor consultation app mainly deals with mental health issues faced by patients like depression, anxiety, also insomnia. It provides expert advice for better emotional well-being of patients.


PlushCare is a popular doctor booking app that offers instant appointments when needed, with a choice of medical specialists as needed. Immediate diagnosis and prescription is possible as doctors are available 24 hours a day. The services are of good quality as the doctors and medical consultants have years of experience in their designated field.


Health Tap offers a collection of connected health apps that provide better quality healthcare and understand the severity of the condition. There is a library that can provide answers to many health related questions through online mode or mobile devices. Then There is instant communication with doctors through various media.


Maple is a healthcare app with skilled doctors providing best online services. It is a virtual healthcare app that also provides medicines. The expert team of professionals has the trusted licenses and skills to provide the best advice to the patients based on their circumstances.

Doctor 24×7

Doctor 24×7 is a useful app that connects patients with the best doctors on video and provides answers to all queries. There is quick access to prescriptions, proper medical consultation and also drug delivery. Doctor consultation is quick and available 24×7. Also It offers unlimited doctor consultations.

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