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What Happens If Horoscopes Don’t Match?

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Unless the Kundli matches, people in Indian culture do not take marriage into consideration. The horoscopes must match before finalizing the marriage in a traditional Hindu family. 

The term “Ashtkoot” refers to the eight points that are used in Vedic astrology to assess compatibility between couples. These eight points are further combined to create a total of 36 gunas, which are used to measure compatibility.

Finding a couple with a perfect 36-guna match can be quite challenging, as it is not common to come across such high compatibility scores. 

For a couple to be compatible, they should have at least 18 gunas that match each other’s respective horoscopes. This means that there should be significant similarities and harmonious aspects in their astrological charts.

However, Vedic astrology has a specific word for the circumstance where the gunas don’t align. The condition is known as Kundli dosha, and there are a number of treatments that can help you avoid this kind of predicament. The negative effects of a mismatched Kundli can be quickly eliminated by a couple who can put these solutions into practice.

Kind of Problems and their Remedies

Kundali mismatch can give you these problems:-


  • Unhappiness in intermarital relationships
  • Fights in a live-in relationship
  • Child issues, even when both parents are healthy and capable.
  • Unfavorable career development
  • Unfit environment at home.
  • Loss of money or business.
  • Unhealthy romantic partnerships.
  • Yoni Dosha
  • Nadi / bhakoot dosha


It would be impossible to cope with these issues. Nobody wants to abandon someone they adore so deeply. Everyone wants to have a fulfilling and successful relationship with their partner.

You should use certain remedies if you want to coexist peacefully with your partner despite having mismatched Kundlis.

Yoni Dosha

You can rapidly get rid of Yoni dosha if the astrologer discovers it while comparing your Kundlis. The astrologer will ask you to perform a particular puja, which you should perform with complete devotion. Some astrologers also advise you to further engage in volunteer work, charitable giving, and social service. Your life will overflow with happiness and positivity, thanks to the blessings you will receive. 

Nadi / Bhakoot dosha

Depending on your zodiac sign, you can wear certain stones to get rid of your Nadi or Bhakoot dosha. After reviewing the Kundlis of the bride and the groom, the astrologer makes recommendations for the stones. Additionally, he will advise you to sing various hymns or mantras. It can reduce the negative effects of dosha.


No single dosha has the power to end your life or break up a relationship. But it only steals your joy and makes your life miserable. Just keep in mind that each dosha in your Kundli is a result of your previous actions. Performing regular puja, chanting hymns, and applying cures have the potential to change your karma.

Now, let us know about 36 Gunas.

36 Gunas and Hindu Marriage 

Astrologers use the division of the Kundali into 8 groups by Asthakootas to determine the scores of the bride and groom. The scores from each of the eight categories are added together to calculate the number of matching gunas.

How to match a horoscope? You can conduct the Horoscope matching by date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.

List of 36 Gunas (Asthkoota)

  • Nadi (8 points)
  • Bhakoot (7 points)
  • Gana (6 points)
  • Maitri (5 points)
  • Yoni (4 points)
  • Deena or Tara (3 points)
  • Vaasya (2 points)
  • Varna (1 point)


For a bride and groom to be compatible in a Hindu marriage, at least 18 out of the 36 gunas in their birth charts must match.

Believers consider that matching 18 to 25 gunas enhances the effectiveness of the marriage.

To be a perfect couple, 26 to 32 gunas will be required.

However, it is important to note that expert astrologers should be consulted before finalizing the marriage, taking into consideration the specific matching criteria of the Ashtkoot, rather than solely relying on online kundli matches.


Horoscope mismatch indicates that there may be certain differences or incompatibilities between individuals based on astrological factors.

However, it is important to remember that astrology is just one aspect to consider in relationships. Compatibility and success in a relationship depend on various factors, including mutual understanding, communication, shared values, emotional connection, and many other aspects.

While horoscope matching is a traditional practice in some cultures, it should not be the sole determining factor in deciding the fate of a relationship.

Ultimately, the success of a relationship relies on the efforts, understanding, and commitment of both partners.


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