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Which is the Best Flutter App Development Company?

Developed by Google and written in the Dart programming language, Flutter is open-source, simple, and fast, and it allows developers to build iOS, web, and Android applications using a single codebase. These features of Flutter have made it popular among all types of businesses.

Here are a few reasons that have made Flutter highly popular among businesses and beneficial in various aspects:-

  • It is a free and open-source platform that allows quick access to documentation and posting of issues.
  • It outperforms its competitors when it comes to app development speed.
  • It is cost-effective and helps businesses save money on development.
  • It allows access to a huge collection of widgets that are easy to use and implement.

The Best Flutter App Development Company: Choose the One that Suits Your Business Needs

Hence, many businesses hire flutter app developers to build scalable, feature-rich, highly interactive applications for multiple platforms. Flutter is inexpensive and has feature-rich libraries that allow Flutter app development services to construct seamless UI and smooth designs. Meanwhile, the increasing demand for Flutter-based apps has encouraged companies to invest in a Flutter app development company. Let’s see some of the top-rated Flutter app development services:


The Gold-verified IT solution-providing company is renowned among flutter app development services. It has provided services to various businesses across many industries, including fashion, real estate, finance, travel, eCommerce, and many more. The company has earned a Clutch rating of 4.8, which shows its clients’ and customers’ highest level of trust. Its key clients include the most prominent names like HP, Aliment, Wynora, Buzzwork, etc. The company provides various flutter app development services like app consulting, development, testing, and maintenance.


The IT solution provider company offers several clients world-class flutter app development services. With a Clutch rating of 5 and almost 5K customers from 50 countries, the Flutter app development company has delivered more than 500 projects. The company offers various services, including mobile and app development, custom software development, cloud services, and many more. Its client base includes notable names such as Ultimo, VSC, Carefleet, DEKRA, etc.


With a Clutch rating of 4 and almost 250 highly skilled developers, the Flutter app development company has delivered more than 25 projects. It has worked with the world’s most prominent clients like MARS, Forbes, Yandex, KFC, Delivery Club, and more. Apart from providing flutter app development services, the company offers web development, mobile app development, testing, and many more.

Hedgehog lab

With offices in Bulgaria, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the Flutter app development company has served industry-leading clients. Some renowned clients it has served include Globe Life, AJ Bell, Deliciously Ella, Kodak Alaris, Microsoft, Edwards Lifesciences, and many more. It has carved a great name in offering flutter app development services and has earned the Clutch rating of 4.8. The company has engineering, UI/UX, AI, Cloud, data science, and many more experts.

Binary Studio

Apart from offering services like frontend development, custom software development, backend development, software quality assurance and testing, and staff augmentation, the company has made a great impression as a flutter app development company. It has a Clutch rating 4.9 and served clients such as Bunker, Massagebook, Datalogics, Swissphone, SnapNurse, etc.


The US-based company has a Clutch rating of 4.9 and has served key clients like NFT AI, JOKR, Allbirds, Shein, and Goalsetter. It works with almost 50 top-skilled and experienced employees. For the last ten years, the company has been fulfilling the growing demands of clients for cross-platform app development with Flutter technology, which has established itself as the leading Flutter app development company.


The software development company has offices in the USA, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Estonia. It has a Clutch rating of 4.9, which justifies its focus on transparency and innovation. Apart from building reliable and efficient Flutter app development solutions for all types of businesses, it has expertise in providing services like native mobile and web development, machine learning, cloud services, AI/Data Science, Microservices, and more. It builds custom B2C and B2B apps for various business domains and industries, including Fintech, Telecom, Real Estate, etc. Some of the clients that the company has served include Octopus, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic, DPD Group,  TDC Denmark, etc.


The full-cycle software development has almost 250 employees and a Clutch rating of 4.9. For the last 14 years, the company has been designing and developing AR/VR and mobile products and has delivered more than 200 applications. It develops applications using the latest technologies like Flutter, Unity, Ruby on Rails, Swift, and Kotlin. The company’s key clients include some of the biggest names like Unicity, PONS, Switch & Co, Collectorate, Gymondo, Marley Spoon, etc.


The Bronze-verified company has almost 50 employees and has earned a reputation for building mobile applications of high quality for a range of industries, including startups, unicorns, and organizations like OCA, Bodhi, .dLocal, etc. It has worked with big clients like Rappi, Yclas, SmartyPans, Pyxis, etc. It offers services in many other areas like agile project management, mobile app development and design, product discovery, quality, etc.


The Gold-verified company has a Clutch rating of 4.9 and has almost 250 employees. The company has been designing and launching powerful mobile applications based on Flutter technology for the last ten years. It has made it the leading Flutter app development company. The other areas in which the Flutter app development services provider has expertise include UI design, product validation, UX design, mobile app development, web development, firmware & embedded systems, etc. The key clients of the Flutter app development company include P&G, Nike, Siren Care, Conde Nast, iHeartRadio, Lufthansa, etc.


Flutter can be the best option if you are looking to build an app and are confused between choosing a native app or a mobile site. To achieve flawless performance, improved brand image, access to detailed analytics, and reduced costs, businesses should choose a Flutter app development company and hire Flutter app developers to maximize the full potential of the framework. As mentioned earlier, the list will help you select the best Flutter app development services that can help you save a lot of time and money.


Author Bio 

Helen Ruth is a skilled Flutter app developer with a strong background in developing user-friendly and innovative applications for various industries. In addition to her development skills, she also writes blogs and loves to share her invaluable tips and insights on Flutter app development.

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