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Zero cost marketing hacks for start-ups

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Zero cost marketing hacks

For a start, you may have a great product or service, your team is very motivated, and you have a good process. But despite all this, you do not have enough advertising budget. Marketing is an important part of getting the public to know about your products and services, even if you do not have a marketing budget. Then it is very difficult to sustain this competitive market for any startup. So let us see the Zero cost marketing hacks.

Well, there are some marketing tricks that young entrepreneurs can do on a minimal budget to roll out their products and services. The marketing tricks are as follows, they will not do minimum or on a budget.

These are Zero cost Marketing hacks


Cross-promotion is a wonderful technique for marketing your products and services. Startup owners often overlook this method, but it can be very rewarding. This marketing hack allows you to become a partner with your affiliate business who can market your services.

For example – if you provide consulting services for different online businesses. You may recommend using a specific web designer to build their website in the same way that the web designer company recommends their clients to take your consulting services. This is a win-win situation and does not require much paperwork.

Become a Blog Commenter

Marketing processes to create a presence for your product or service and another way to do this is by commenting on various blogs related to your brand. When commenting, make sure you do not post dumb or spam comments. Your comment should give value to the blog owner. This method will let you create a free web presence for your brand.

Networking at Zero cost

This is one of the earliest forms of marketing which is not used much in this modern world but you should definitely use this marketing hack if you have no budget for marketing. Every person you meet has another marketing chance. You do not have to force your business to every business. But in the conversation comes the issue of work, tell them about it. Also, remember that networking is a type of marketing.

Run a Contest on Social Media

One of the cheapest marketing hacks you can do is run an online competition. At worst, these contests are one of the best ways to get cheap advertising. Offering cash prizes or any offer related to your products or services will make your brand go viral.

Use Twitter

Used properly, Twitter can be a great marketing tool because it gives you instant access and great output. Twitter can generate a huge amount of referral traffic, brand exposure, and amazing social motivation, all of which are free.

All you have to do is follow some influencers in your prominence, follow them, retweet their tweets and mention them in your comments so you will get more exposure soon. Spend some time on Twitter, create an audience there and then reap the benefits.

Upsell your Existing Customers

Most people think that marketing attracts new customers, but most people ignore the fact that marketing takes care of their existing customers. A report by Econsultancy and PredictiveIntent states that it is 20 times better than cross-sales.

When you sell your products and services to your existing customers, the chances of getting sales are high, which is relatively easy and low cost.

Get more Emails Id’s 

Creating an email list is one of the most effective ways of marketing. There are various ways to collect the email IDs of your potential customers, telling site visitors to subscribe to the daily newsletter, you can give them a free e-book, and use the “Hello Bar”, which is a simple and economic tool for collecting emails.


The marketing hacks mentioned above will help you better engage with your audience and build a relationship with them. For any startup, these techniques can be very effective, but it is also advisable to develop a marketing budget and strategy quickly to maximize your startup.

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